I Hate Change

Have you ever noticed when you have a good computer program,  the publisher will try to make it better, but it doesn’t work as well.  I have had that experience many times.  The first one that jumps to my mind is PRINT ARTIST.  Print Artist was an affordable program which let you make greeting cards, business cards, stationary, letterhead, etc, etc. I used it a lot.  I had flower shops, and small retail businesses who would call me when one of their customers wanted a personalized birthday card, or anniversary car, or get well card, in return they would put my little sign up which included other things like website building, etc.  This was before all the cookie cutter sites went up.  When companies thought a thousand dollars for a website was a bargain.   Then one day the publisher decided to make it better  (?).   All they accomplished was making it more difficult to use.  There was nothing more you could do with it than you could with the original.  Oh, yes it cost a little more too.  I had friends who upgraded a couple of times.  The eventually migrated to another program too.

When I was in high school our class had about 21 students, and then there was me,  But we learned more than the kids at the big school in the county which had about 150 students in a class.  Then they came up with school consolidation.  What a big mistake.  Oh yes you had a better offering of classes, and a couple of sports more to participate in.  I visited one school when my sons were wrestling,  I was told the freshman class that year had 1,000 students.  That is just too ridiculous.  With the small schools you knew everyone in your school.  You generally played your sports together since you were small.  At our county’s big school with 150 kids in the class they didn’t know all their classmates.  I got around the classes not offered at my school by going to big school for summer classes.

As an example let us look at basketball in our county.  At one time we had 10 schools scattered throughout the count.  We had an “A” team, and a “B’ team.  Each team consisted of 12 players.  (subs included).  Usually 4 cheerleaders, and a couple of  “student managers” who kept statistics, tended to injuries, kept the uniforms in shape, and swept the gym floor.  That makes what 30 students involved with basketball, per school.  Take that times the 10 schools, we had 300 kids playing basketball.

Then came CONSOLIDATION.  Our 10 schools became 3.  With the same number (30) per school participating in basketball,  we were left with 210 kids with nothing to do but get in trouble.  (Then our leaders wanted to know why we had more kids in trouble).

With the small schools we had age old rivalries, not only the county schools but other nearby schools.  The bigger schools developed rivalries, but nothing like with the small schools. They were a sense of pride for the towns.  Everyone attended a basketball, football, or baseball game.  After consolidation.  The pride was lost.

As if this was not bad enough.  Someone about 12 years ago came up with the idea of CLASS sports, (Aren’t we supposedly a classless country?)   Which killed all rivalries,  a decreased interest in sports, lower attendance, and now at our larger schools the coaches practically have to go around and ask students to participate.  Parents have to insure the younger athletes have a way to travel the 20-25 or more miles to practice.  And of course with the CLASS system travel to games is outlandish.  One instance that come to mind is Football sectionals.  The farthest we would travel for a sectional football game was about 2o miles.  Now the first game you play may be a hundred miles away.  I missed one because I got off work at 6 pm the game started at 8 pm. (not a problem if you only have to go 25 miles,  but if you have a 2+ hour drive to the game. you have to eat while driving.  The game gets over around 10 pm another 2+ hours to get home, and I had to be at work at 6 am.  Oh yes I had to wait for the team bus to arrive at our school.  The kids always stopped at  at McDonald’s or somewhere to eat after the game.  Of course this takes time for them to give all their orders, and preparation of the orders, eat, and rehash the game. then get back on the bus, to continue the trip home.  The bus got home around 1:45 am.  Remember I had to be at work at 6 am for another 12 hour day.

I could go on and on (and I have made this too long already and only covered 3 subjects), so I’ll get off my soap box for now.

Just so you know I really am not a fan of most change.

That Is How I See It.

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