Nationwide Move to IMS

Recently NASCAR announced it would move it’s popular Nationwide event from Clermont, Indiana’s Lucas Oil Raceway.  (For those of you not familiar with Clermont,  Indiana).  Clermont is now a suburb of Indianpolis, just as Speedway, Home of IMS is.  Confused.  Indianapolis Motor Speedway is actually located in Speedway, Indiana.  A town that has been swallowed up by Indianapolis.  Clermont is a small town about 5 miles west of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Back to the move.  NASCAR  has been holding races here for many, many years. they have held the Busch Cup races, and the Craftsman Truck series.  All very exciting races.  Races that both Fans and Drivers enjoyed.  Now for some reason, (probably the movement of equipment and fans from the INDY track to the Clermont track, OR just a power move by IMS people to eliminate a steadfast, competitor).

INDY already hosts a Ho-Hum race, (most of the time), called the Brickyard 400.  Would the Nationwide or Truck races be any different?  I think not.  Moving these races makes for a good time for a Siesta.  Let us face it the only attraction of the Brickyard 400 is the history of the track.  The first INDY 500’s were essentially Stock Cars.  It has a big name, and a long history.  Racing here is a sense of pride for the NASCAR  drivers.  And occasionally you will see a good race.

I’m not sure if the road course at INDY is large enough to handle the bigger NASCAR vehicles,  But I would rather see them race on the road course.  But to move an exciting race like Nationwide, and Camping World to the big track.  Ho-Hum,ZZZzzzzz.

Be honest with yourself, if you would prefer to see a real race like is put on at Lucas Oil Raceway.  BOYCOTT, the move.  Don’t buy tickets for these races at the big track.  This is the only thing NASCAR will understand.  But just as sure as I am of writing this,  People will give in and attend another sleeper.  These are people who will follow NASCAR anywhere.  Not RACE fans.

That Is How I See It.

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