The Best Job

Recently I read about a job I would love to have. Reminiscent of , of I believe the character is Milton, from the Movie Office Space.  You remember the poor guy who had his cubicle moved several times.

A woman working in Virginia as an office assistant, was suspended  for “revealing confidential medical information”.   Like Milton they overlooked suspending her pay, and like Milton,  The checks just kept coming.

True $2,600.oo may not seem like a lot to most people.  But I know several people who would like to be making $26,000.oo a year.  Unlike Milton, this woman has not set foot in her office or done a lick of work for 12 years.  It is unknown if she received benefits.   But $26,000.oo times 1 years is about $312,000.oo for staying home.

It seems the company recently hired a new supervisor. When she went over budget, she discovered the Human Resource Department’s mistake.  She then fired the woman.

Now the lady is filing got unemployment benefits, and a wrongful termination suit.

Is she entitled to unemployment benefits?  I would say so.  Does she have a a wrongful firing suit.  Again I would say yes.   Only on the grounds that she hasn’t had any disciplinary action for the last 12 years.  Suspension does not mean FIRED.

Morally, though,  I have misgivings.  Would you have questioned getting pay checks while suspended, if it was not stated “Suspended without PAY’?

I guess that is why we have a legal system.

That Is How I See It.

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