Legalize Marijuana?

Legalize marijuana or not legalize marijuana.  That is the question. We have heard this argument for many years.  Does it really matter?  I must admit I have never tried it so maybe I fail to see the advantage, or disadvantage here.  From what I understand drugs like marijuana have been used in many different rites during the course of our history.  The American Indian supposedly used this or a similar drug in some of their ceremonial rites.  The tribes of Africa used similar drugs for the same reason.  For all I know our forefathers may have participated in this type of rites, or maybe even recreational purposes.   Perhaps the medicinal uses were known way back when.  I remember hearing of our ancestors, and even royalty abroad having snuff boxes.  (And it wasn’t for tobacco snuff). No! I don’t know the answer.  What I do know is this.  If it is legalized,  our Government will be able to get a piece of the action, (money) .  The cost will most likely go down.  Thus crime created by trying to get marijuana should go down.  I suppose these would all be pluses, and I can’t really think of any minuses; other than there will always be those who have no legal claim to buy marijuana.  Also if it is legalized,  will growers be monitored like the existing drug companies,  like Eli-Lily. If it is legalized will insurance companies pay for it.  How much more will this cost us, the consumer in increased insurance premiums.  And how will it affect hiring practices of business.  There is mass impacts involved here.  I’m sure more than I can foresee. Finally let me insert my personal observation.  People already take legal drugs, illegally.  I know of one young lady who stole a doctors prescription pad, and wrote her own prescriptions.  This was many years ago, and the doctors signature would be impressed on the sheets below it.  Do doctors now take measures to prevent this?   I also know of  people who will steal a relatives much needed medication out of their medicine cabinet.  Without regard to the relatives health.   I also know peoples homes are broken into for the purpose of finding legal drugs. Legal or not people will get their hands on them and use them illegally.  MOOT POINT.  Does it really matter if it is or is not legal.  The government will benefit by getting a portion of the proceeds.

That Is How I See It.

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