Obama On A Genocide Mission?

Gen·o·cide [jen-uh-sahyd]: A noun.  The deliberate ans systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or CULTURAL GROUP.  

Since Mr. Obama has taken office it seems he has pinpointed the elderly as the means to balance his budget.  Or should I say slant things to his pet projects.

What do you do if you want to spend money you don’t have.  You eliminate things you don’t need.  Divert that money to what you want.  That my friends is just what Mr. Obama has done.  First on his agenda was to bail out his buddies in the banking, and manufacturing industries.  (Rich helping Rich get Richer).  To do this he refused to admit the costs of living rises (Medicinal, Utilities, and yes gasoline) .   He even wants to change the formula for figuring these costs, because he says they project a false and higher cost of living than is a true cost of living . Therefore not giving the elderly the raises they deserved, since he has been in office.  To subsidize his buddies, the elderly have, by not getting a raise for 2 years. Has amounted to between $45 and $90 trillion dollars.  That more than paid the trillions given to the bail out effort.  These people have paid into this account for 40 to 50 years.   It is not their fault the Government gave that money to other Government agencies. (Which fail to pay it back. let alone pay interest).  merely a mismanagement of funds.

Some of you will think the amount paid in does not equal the amount paid out….HOWEVER…  Let us not forget the INTEREST which this money had been properly invested.  How many of the people who have paid in never receive a check, because of death.  Or just drop out of the system.  How much of this money is being spent on people who never paid in a cent.

How about planning our own retirement income.  I did this.  I invested the maximum I could.  Two years later it was all gone.  My company shut the doors,  Not my fault.  Due to EMERGENCIES,  and the need to get by until I could find another job, (which has been 3 years now).  I have no money.  The barter system works fairly good but I still have to do without a lot,   So you see that doesn’t help either.

So how does this  relate to GENOCIDE?  By denying the elderly people the money needed to exist on.  The poverty level is $10,890 a year.  If I were to be on Social Security now I would be getting about $13,800 a year.  But as of now I would have about $1392 a year subtracted before I get my check for MEDICARE,  Which I have also been paying for all my working life.  That takes me to $12,408, a year. Now let us not forget we need a supplement insurance.  This cost is around $125 a month (according to friends paying it). This is another $1500 gone.  Leaving us with $10,908.  This puts you at just    $18 above poverty level.  Now subtract a conservative average of $600 a month for rent or mortgage.  There goes $7200.  Let’s see,  that takes us to $3708 dollars to pay utilities, and buy food, house or renter insurance, life insurance and let’s not forget MEDICINE, Car insurance if we are lucky enough to have  one.  But then you would not be able to put gas in  it.  And let’s not forget we have to pay SALES tax on everything.  Including our utilities.

It seems that Mr. Obama’s plan is eliminate the elderly as quickly as possible.  After all they are a drain on his economy.

Genocide or what.  I see it as an attempt to eliminate the elderly.

That Is How I See It.

How many people do we have die of starvation or heat, or just plain a lack of compassion by our leaders.

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    1. If car insurance were like health insurance, I would get it through my job, I wouldn’t be allowed to buy from out of state companies, and I’d have to buy a policy that covers outlandish things like rims and paint jobs also routine maintenance like gas and oil changes.(Health insurance is required to cover routine office visits, maintenance like pap smears, and outlandish things like sex changes and fertility treatments)And WHO puts all these restrictions on health insurance? The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!SO they’re fixing a problem they created in the first place.Why not let the free market handle health care the way it handles car insurance, home insurance, and all other types of insurance just FINE!.

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