Facebook or Tweet Shhhhh

I know many of you are big fans of Facebook  and of Tweeting.  Many people like the idea of people knowing about what they are doing.  Not me.  I like my privacy.

Remember there are downsides to everybody knowing what you are doing.  Not everyone who reads your posts know whether you are joking or being serious.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you are doing they will put there own connotation to it.

Searching for a job?  Your potential employer may just look you up on one of these medias.  He may get a totally different picture of you than you presented at the interview.  Or you may not even get the interview because something there didn’t strike the person who does the hiring,  or recommending for hire, in the vein it was intended.  Things which would not usually come up may be mentioned and bias the employer.

People have even lost jobs because of these two medias.  Or others like them.  Even if you only have a family page.  It could work out the same way.

Look at your newspapers.  How many students get in trouble at school for things they post.

You could be inviting a stalker.  (Even if it is just a cyberstalker).  Parents be careful you may be attracting  a child molester to your sight.

Just be sure not to put offline contact information or the like, on your post.   Or vacation plans.

Law enforcement have made cases out of content of these medias.  True or false,  they might just decide you need to be investigated.  Use your best Judgement.

Maybe I am just too cautious, and protective of my personal business.  But, I choose to not let everyone know my business.  You know enough about me by just reading my blog.

That Is How I See It.


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