Government Seeks More Of Your Money

It must be that time of year.  Companies are talking of more layoffs.  According to news reports the RICH widening their gap between them and the middle class, which must mean the poor are getting poorer.  What we have doesn’t buy what it did a year ago.

One area I read about is trying to kill itself.  Earlier I wrote of a community in Indiana who charges parents for their children to ride to school.  And to participate in sports.  Now I see they are wanting to raise fees for just about everything, and put new fees on anything they can find.  NO wonder people are looking to move away.  Perhaps this is an attempt to weed out the poorer class (perhaps including the middle class),  and establish a community of upper crust citizens.

I just read that Illinois citizens have built the WHITE SOX owners a new BACARDI restaurant, at a cost of millions.  By the way the taxpayers receive no share of the profits of this restaurant.  It all goes to the owners of the White Sox baseball team.

BUT we all know that movie theaters make most of their money from concessions.  I just read that in Washington D.C.  The mayor wants to tack on an extra tax for concession.  They already pay 10% tax on concessions.  As I understand, which is quite high.  BUT to add another 5% and raise the tax to 15%…..well isn’t that a little greedy?  Not to mention the less people will be able to attend, and may put the theaters out of business.  Thus a loss of revenue from the property, and business tax, let’s not forget the current 10% tax on concessions. I think their reasoning is flawed.  They intend to use the money to lure movie production companies thus creating jobs.  Am I wrong if less people go to the movies because they can’t afford the concessions,  there will be more demand for movies to be made.

I know now in my town for 2 of us to go to the movies cost about $20 this is more than the average wage.  But get this for one medium Coke and medium popcorn add another $20.  That is why we have began driving 2o miles to another town that costs us about $12 on a Sunday afternoon, to get in and about $10 dollars for a medium Coke and medium popcorn

Oh for the good old days when we had drive in theaters.  One night I think it was Monday was carload night.  you could take your whole family to the movies for about $2,  You brought your own popcorn and Cokes.  Yet the concession stand was always crowded with people buying hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

Well I guess it is getting close to Christmas.  What better time to lay people off and raise taxes, fees, etc.

That Is How I See It.

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