Joe Paterno to Retire

It is no surprise to hear Penn State’s “Elder Statesman” is retiring.  We all expected him to retire, due to health issues.  But his love of the game kept him going.  I can’t think it was the money which kept him going.  After all these years he has earned enough to retire and live quite comfortably.  Why would a man of his age, even think about standing out there in the cold, rain, snow, etc.  I feel it had to be the love of the game, and the kindred spirit he shared with his players.  Rare men like Joe Paterno are able to pass on many life lessons to the young men he tutors.  I hope COACH  Paterno enjoys his retirement.  I feel he will somehow find a way to be associated with either football, the young men or both.

Coach Paterno (age 84) (85 December 21, 2011), has ran an exceptional football program for the better part of the 62 years he has been coaching at Penn State. (Let me explain RAN.  The head coach runs the program.  “JoePa” has only been the head coach since 1966.  That was before many of us were born,)

Before becoming Penn State and the nations longest reigning football coach, Paterno had a lengthy history with the game of football.  While attending Brown University he played QB and CB.  and currently co-shares the record for interceptions, at fourteen.  Coach Paterno served as an assistant coach at Penn State from 1950 until taking over the reins as head coach in 1966. I could most likely fill at least one entire page listing the awards he has won.

However the circumstances surrounding his retirement is a real bummer.  One man cannot be held responsible for the actions of other adult men.  But true to his teachings he bears the responsibility of his program.  And thus the shame brought on his program by others who were apparently not able to uphold the high standards, Coach Paterno has set.

Coach their actions do not really reflect you.  How many people do we know who could stay at one job 62 years.

Congratulations on a GREAT career, and being a TERRIFIC example for young men everywhere.

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