White Canned Coca~Cola

Have you tried the new Coca~Cola in the WHITE CAN.  Coke tries to pass this off as the “CLASSIC COKE”.   But real Coke drinkers can tell you it is NOT!!!!

Some of you may remember when they ditched the Coca~Cola formula and introduced “NEW COKE”  What a disaster.  Coke lovers raised such a fuss they had to come up with “CLASSIC COKE”.  “CLASSIC COKE” as anyone who remembers was not the ORIGINAL COKE.  It left something out that gave Coca~Cola it’s unique aura of taste, and (for a lack of a better word), It’s kick.  A milder version of the ORIGINAL version.

Coke, if you did not know came in 6 ounce bottles.  That was in it’s heyday.  Then because Pepsi Cola was selling 12 ounce bottles (this was how they competed.  They gave a very watered down version of coke in 12 ounce bottles which had about half the kick of Coca~Cola in the 12 ounce bottle for the same nickle as Cokes 6 ounce bottle).  For some reason Coca~Cola felt the need to compete with the 12 ounce Pepsi Cola.  When Coca~Cola put their product in 12 ounce bottles it lost some of it’s flavor.  The bigger the bottle the less pizzazz, it had.

I just tried the COKE (?) in the WHITE cans and found it to be a sweeter milder  flavor, nothing like Coca~Cola.  Still better than Pepsi Cola. Better than the “NEW” Coke.  Not as good as “CLASSIC”  Coke.  No where near as good as “ORIGINAL” Coke.

I fail to see why the company wants to fool with perfection.  I know this new generation may not be able to handle the REAL THING.  It probably has too much kick for them.  What I do not like is Coca~Cola trying to pass off this new flavor by saying we only changed the can color.  But for people with real taste we can tell the difference, and the difference was not made by a white can.  White Can Coke is NOT THE REAL THING!

I am not a diet drinker.  But I have tried Coke Zero.  Believe me Coke Zero has more Coca~Cola taste than White can Coke.

I’m not saying White “Coke” is all bad.  It just isn’t Coca~Cola.  It might go well by some other name.  But Please COCA~COLA don’t try to pass this formula off as COKE.  Give it it’s own name.  Perhaps the people who like the sweet mild taste of Pepsi Cola will pick upon your WHITE CAN cola.

That Is How I See It.


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  2. I can’t believe they don’t think 50 year Coca-Cola drinkers don’t notice the difference. WHITE CAN COKE IS NOT CLASSIC COKA-COLA!!! I am returning the unopened case to the store.

  3. I found your site today and I have read some good posts over here. I just wanna say thanks for posting it so we can all learn about it!

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