Christmas Cards

I remember when as a child, we had our fireplace mantel full of Christmas cards we received.  Not only was the mantel full, but we had at least one wall, and usually more, filled with Christmas cards.  Then when I had my own place, it was the same way.  We had cards from friends, and family, we may only see once every year or so.  These cards would be full of update messages, and imparted a genuine desire to keep in touch with each other.  They came from all over.  I received one from my older cousin who was stationed in Okinawa.,  I was probably about 10 then.  (Off the subject a little but this reminds me of one of my favorite memories)  He came home between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He came to my school to pick me up, in his dress blue uniform. It was quite a thrill when you are only 10 for a real Marine to come get you out of school  to spend the day with you.

But back to the Christmas cards.  I look around now  and I got one. From my insurance agent.  Granted my extended family and friends are dwindling.  Spread out far and wide.  We, the younger generation have just gone our separate ways.  If we see each other at all it is when one of our relatives die.  But because of riffs between some of the older relatives,  some of my cousins refuse to attend the funerals of these elder relatives.  So the Christmas card would have still been a good way to keep in touch.  Several of them have moved around several times.  I don’t have any of their addresses.  And I suppose they have lost mine.  Some of them have prospered way beyond my means, and probably think they are too good to communicate with me.  When we do see each other, on those rare funeral occasions, we still have fun talking and reminiscing.

But the ones I really have to blame is the CARD COMPANIES,  and the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE.  They have pretty much priced the average Joe out of the Christmas card season.  We could get enough cards to send out to 40 or 50  people for what it costs for about 5 cards or less now.  We could mail about 8 or 9 cards for the price of one now.

Then you have the Card Companies making their cards the right size but once you put them in the envelope, the USPS has this little fee for cards that don’t fit through the sorter. Much of the time it is because the card would fit but once inside the envelope it is too large by maybe a 1/32 of an inch, and has to be hand sorted.

Enough about the card situation.  Let’s remember the real reason for Christmas. CHRIST.  Whether you consider him your  SAVIOR, A PROPHET, or whatever.  For Christians HE is the beginning, of our salvation,  To others he may be someone else.  Either way his birth. (whenever that may have been) we celebrate HIS Birth on this CHIRSTmas day.

I still miss the cards.  But I still Have CHRIST.


That Is How I See It,



    1. I think Each country is different I have heard in American it averages nearly 4 cards per person in this country.. That’s counting store cards though. Now in Nigeria it would be quite different . Agree?

  1. Superb Posting, ich teile die gleichen Ansichten. Ich frage mich, warum gerade dieser Welt wirklich nicht Bild f

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