BCS…..Best Game.

Supposedly the BCS Championship game should be the BEST  college game  of the year.  But as usual it turned out to be a ho-zzzz-hummer.  Very one sided.  And as is the usual case it appeared one of the teams forgot to show up.  (Or partied too hard).  Wasn’t there just one touchdown scored?

I  did not watch all the BCS games.  But I did watch several.

Of all the ones I did watch I would have to state MY PICK would have  to be The OREGON DUCKS and  WISCONSIN BADGERS.  This game has plenty of action.  Defensive, Offensive.  Much scoring. Great plays.   Real sportsmanship.  Lead Changes.  Strategy. Long runs.  Long passes. Much scoring.   What more could you ask for in a game. 

There was only two real mistakes, which I though altered the game. 

Unfortunately  for the BADGERS,  THEY committed both in the last few minutes of the game.  First, I can’t remember the man carrying the ball, however the ball carrier had gained the first down running down the sideline.  The problem was; he failed to properly protect the ball.  He had it hanging down as if it was a bucket with a handle, thus allowing the “Quack,Quack”  Ducks to strip the ball loose.  Result DUCK  BALL.

The next was a coaches call.  To Spike the ball with 2 seconds to go?          What was that all about?  Granted the referee did clearly start the clock before the snap.  BUT!!!! Two (2) seconds.  Makes no sense to me.  If you know what was to be gained by this spike call….Please let me know.

I know there were several records set during the course of the game.  MOST points in a quarter, MOST points in a half.  LONGEST run for a TD.  Probably MOST points scored in a game.  All this from theGRANDDADDY of BOWL GAMES.  Not to mention the parade.  Did the Alabama Vs LSU game have it’s own parade.  I must have missed it.

So the good old BCS didn’t let us down.  It was it’s usual lackluster showing.

For my part I would rather watch teams like OREGON, and WISCONSIN, play anytime.

That Is How I See It.













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