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With the professional football season over, for the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS.  We have seen the end of the POLIAN ERA.  The man who guided the COLTS,  to the selection of PEYTON MANNING.  The man who the past decade  the COLTS  have built their machine.  But this year with the injured MANNING sitting OUT  the season we saw the total collapse of the Indianapolis FRANCHISE  and it was thunderous.

I still think the nucleus of the team is intact; however some of that nucleus is beginning to become long in the tooth.  (OLD).  So there has to be some changes made throughout the team.  The big mistake Polian made during those earlier years, to my way of thinking, was the signing of EDGERIN JAMES.   Not that he was a terrible choice,  BUT the BEST running back for the colts would have been Wisconsin’s RON DAYNE.  It was too bad for all of professional football, when Dayne went to a team which did not like to run the ball.  And the Great Dayne, was left rusting on the shelf.

But why did the Colts falter so badly.  Bill Polian and Jim Irsay, (yes he has to take some of the blame too. After all he is “THE BOSS”), failed to recognize the fact Manning, as he ages, and continues to play every snap, hurt or otherwise; could possibly miss some games.  Therefore there was no backup plan.  And who would want to be Manning’s backup?  You never get to play.  Maybe if you are lucky you might get to take 5-10 snaps a year.

Now the COLTS have a new leader.  Will he be able to right the ship?  Will Mr. Irsay give him the power to do his job?  Time will tell.

Now to the matter of the FIRST ROUND PICK.  With so many holes to be plugged, one must first determine, WHICH HOLE, is most needed to plug.  At first glance it would appear the QB spot is of prime importance.  Next we need to know, are  we going with MANNING, or are we going to be seeking someone to take over the reins.  Then what is our time line for the switch.

I believe MANNING is a great leader, a masterful student of the game and of imparting his knowledge to his fellow teammates.  I would not want him to leave the team.  NOR, do I think he wants to leave the COLTS.  But he knows what he can and can not do.

Who would you draft if you decide to go for a QB?   First you must look for the best fit for the team you have.  (You can’t replace a whole team in one year.  Oh I suppose you could if you can buy out everyone’s contract.  But that is a bit unrealistic.

I feel we have three quality candidates. STANFORD’S   ANDREW LUCK.   BAYLOR’S   ROBERT GRIFFIN III.   And WISCONSIN’S   RUSSELL WILSON. 

Luck, of course is the nations choice.  But is he the right man for the team.  It all depends.  What is the NEW GUARD  of the COLTS looking for.  Luck has the pedigree, but can he fit in and lead the team next year if necessary.  Will he be satisfied to sit behind Manning.  I personally don’t think so.  I don’t know the boy,  all I know about him is what the press says.  (and we all know how the press can hype a player).   Stanford is no pro team.  (maybe).  But when you move to the pro ranks it is a new game.   CAN HE HANDLE THE CHANGE.

Griffin III,  winner of the Heisman Trophy, has shown his leadership skills, by leading a NON-POWER team to new heights.  Again you have the same questions as with Luck.

Wilson.  We know he already has a professional contract to play baseball.  He came to a new team and did an  outstanding job of leading them in his first and only year with the BADGERS.

For what it is worth this is my pick.

Want someone who can come in and take over immediately?   You must opt for Russell Wilson.  If he can/or wants to opt out of his baseball contract.  For Wilson, he can play baseball for 4-5 years for little pay.  OR become an instant millionaire thru his quarterbacking skills.

Want someone who is willing to follow MANNING,  and learn from the master, with gradually increasing playing time.  Then Robert Griffin III is your man.

I think the COLTS need someone who can come in and take immediate charge.

So there you have it.  My number one pick would be Russell Wilson (if available) because I think the Colts need someone who is ready to take charge first game of the season.

Given the same conditions, as above, if Wilson is not available then I would take Andrew Luck.

Wanting some one to backup Manning and learn, and get gradual increasing snap, then Robert Griffin III is your man.

That Is The Way I See It.

UPDATE !!!!!

 January 13,  About 6 hours ago from the time I am writing this;  RUSSELL WILSON of the WISCONSIN BADGERS has announced he will forgo his baseball career with the COLORADO ROCKIES, in favor of  a career in the NFL.


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