A friend just asked what I thought of the Pro-Bowl football game.  I had to admit I didn’t even know they had played it.  I totally forgot about it.

Supposedly the Pro-Bowl is the ALL-STAR game for professional football.  The big differences are the timing, the location, and the lack of the top stars, (not due their lack of want to participate), because they have a commitment to the SUPER BOWL !!!!

Granted Hawaii is appears to be a great setting for anything one would want to do.  But realistically the average fan could not afford to travel to Hawaii, and if he could probably could not afford the tickets.  From what I have been told Hawaii is a very expensive place to visit.  So who attends,  most likely the very wealthy people who like to take potential clients, or other people to impress.  A mere vacation. From what I have seen in past Pro Bowl games, and heard about this one, is just what the players go for.  A   V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N.  As one fan described it to me a very lack-luster performance.  As if the players were merely going through a practice game.

All other  ALL-STAR games come in the middle of the season.  Pro Football could do this.  All Teams have a week off during the season.  Let them all take the same week and put the Pro Bowl game there.    INJURIES the bane of all football players.  These big burley guys with all kinds of pads, helmets, etc.  Lets face it Football isn’t what it used to be.  I know it is not a fair comparison but here it is.

The average amount of action in a Pro Football game is estimated to be between 8.5 and 11 minutes a game.  That folks is offense and defense.  Breaking that down (just for fun)  roughly means the Offense plays 4.25 to  5.5 minutes a game. And the Defense likewise. We have seen the free substitution of player.  How many minutes do each of these spend on the bench resting ? So how many action minutes does the average player see in a game.   (?) I don’t know.  I admit that.

But let us take a look at a sport that is really downplayed but in my opinion far outweighs the efforts of  any Footballer.  But of course there is no big Sport Franchise for this sport.  Which is why it probably is not a fair comparison.  That SPORT is  WRESTLING.  Not the pro stuff that is all acting.  But the real WRESTLING in High School and College.  Each contestant goes out on the mat, one on one.  SIX minutes (if the match goes the full length, more if it goes to overtime).  Six minutes of all out battle.  Not a chance to relax, relax for a fraction of a second could mean being beaten.  Each match consists of 3 periods of 2 minutes, (that is about half the time either an Offensive or Defensive football player sees for a whole game,)   They do have a short break between periods to pick a starting position for the next period.  For those of you who are not up on WRESTLING.  Just imagine an all out effort for 6 minutes.  Using all your strength and ability for 6 minutes.  That is Wrestling.  Not to mention the weight battle.  Every meet you must not weigh over your assigned weight class.  Dieters you should be able to relate to this.

But back to the PRO BOWL

1. Change the time of year.

2. Let the best as voted by the fan play

  Play it at a more accessible venue.

4. Or as usual ignore the fans and do the good old boy way.

I guarantee they will choose number 4

After all the fan is not a real concern to the NFL

That Is How I See It.




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