Indiana Super Bowl Vs Worker’s Rights

By now you all know of the struggles of the Union workers in Indiana.  You also know Indiana is hosting the Super Bowl.  It is too bad the legislators in Indiana refuse to listen to the people who elected them.  It is too bad they do not have a sense of timing.

But as we try to keep up on politics a little. (Remember I do not believe in POLITICS in GOVERNMENT).  Politics get in the way of doing the bidding of the people.

Looking back on the administration of one MITCH DANIELS, it is plain to see there has been no regard as to the welfare of the working man, in Indiana.  He has led a governmentof the people by “BIG BUSINESS” for “BIG BUSINESS”  He finagles what ever Big Business wants, (after all they are the ones who line politicians pockets with the GREEN).

It is just too bad the football fans from around the country who are visiting Indiana to  be caught up in his MESS.  But he tends to play on the big field. Regardless of the consequences of the STATE, COUNTRY, or PEOPLE he pretends to represent.  From what I have seen of this person, I, personally can’t understand why anyone would vote for him in the first place.  But the citizens of Indiana apparently did.

People of America would you,(how could you), ever consider someone of his caliber for President of the United States.  Oh yeah that’s right you elected Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.   Nevermind.

So FOOTBALL fans you have a right to blame the Hoosiers, (no disrespect to Indiana University); for trying to spoil your stay in Indiana.  Had they had any sense they would not have put Daniels in the position of TSAR.

So I recommend you just ignore the fact Daniels intentionally put you in the middle of his MESS.  Enjoy the weather Indiana is experiencing.  Enjoy the Game.

NFL owner, remember what Daniels has put you in the middle of his MESS.  Remember this well if Indiana ever wants you back for another Super Bowl.

That Is How I See It.

PS.  I remember seeing one of his campaign speeches in which he states would never back or sign any legislation that interfered with worker rights.

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