How Do You PIck A Super Bowl Winner

How Do You PIck A Super Bowl Winner?

After talking to many people I have found many different ways, people use to pick the Super Bowl Winner, even down to the score.

I, like probably most of you look at past performance, and the statistics, etc.  Some simply pick their hometown, (if they happen to be participating), team. Other may pick a team because they like a player,or because one the players came from their home town or state.

But I know of one lady who won a football pool which included all the play off games.  She had also used this method to win three consecutive NCAA basketball office pools.  What is her favorite method of consistently  choosing winners?  Men this will make little sense to you.  Women it may make more sense to you.  HERE is her little secret.  The coaches of  each team.  Have you guessed it yet?   She looks at each coach, and selects the team with the more handsome looks.   Well it works for her.  Apparently.

This next one was passed on to me from an Indiana resident.  Just last night, as a matter of fact.  He told me one of the local TV weatherman has chosen New York Giants by Nine (9).   According to his recount of the weatherman’s method is really  quite simple.  Are you ready for this?   Reportedly the temperature in New York; on Super Bowl Sunday will be 44 degrees.  The temperature in Foxborough ,will be 35.  A nine degree difference.  This would indicate a final score New York Giants, 44.  New England Patriots, 35.  Although my informant did say the weatherman did make this disclaimer.  He would not guarantee the 44-35 score.  Only the 9 point difference in favor of New York’s Giants.

So whatever your method may your team win.

If you are interested I can tell you the score right now before the game even begins …………..0-0  Right?

I kind of lean toward the New York Giants.  I see a little more desire in their eyes.   But I see revenge in the eyes of the New England Patriots.   Will desire win out over revenge.  I feel desire will lead to the win,  because REVENGE can cause more mistakes, and if I am right the New England penalties, and errors will give New York Giants  the edge.

That Is How I See It.


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