Chink In The Armor

Chink In The Armor.  This is just another example how our language has changed.  I remember a time when GAY was a good thing.   It meant we were having a real fun time.  The GAY  Nineties.  Did that mean everyone in the 1890s were homosexuals.  Our dictionaries gave this definition: having or showing a merry, lively mood: gay spirits; gay music.  We at one time had an eatery called GAY DAN’s.  It was a good place to eat, and fun place to visit friends.   But alas due to the new connotation of GAY.  They were forced to change their name to Mr.Dan’s.  I assume they are out of business now, as I have not see one in many years.

When we played Cowboys, and Indians, it was not that the INDIANS, were being mean evil or savage.  It was just the same as if we were playing CIVIL WAR.  The INDIANS were a group whose homeland was being invaded by outsiders.  They were defending their land.  Then all of a sudden the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), tells the colleges whose names include reference to our NATIVE Americans, they cannot host or display their names, or mascots.during an NCAA sponsored event. or even use their names while participating in NCAA sponsored events.  They cite Native American’s concerns of the nicknames as casting dispersions upon the Native American.  But like it or not, Sports is a battle, (not on a life or death scale) but it is the same thing, protecting their LAND; School grounds, their honor, if you will on an athletic or academic playing field.  Just as the NATIVE American protected his land.  Is it a shame to a group of people for others to want to be like them or their ancestors?  Seems to me I would be proud if people wanted to take my name as a symbol of HEROICS.

Now on the CHINK statement of the ESPN corespondent.  As anyone who has ever been in the public spotlight, whether it be a reporter, politician, or a public speaker, YOU can only say what you mean, How others respond to what you say is in their understanding.  Their UNDERSTANDING, is limited to their vocabulary.  In some parts of our country we order a COKE. Some parts of the country we order a COLA, while in others we order a SODA.  Get my drift?

Dictionary meaning for CHINK is: A crack, cleft, or fissure: a chink in a wall.  Or as we have all heard a chink in the armor. meaning Not perfect.

The fired ESPN employee statement was… “Chink in the Armor” — after the Knicks lost to the New Orleans Hornets  Friday night.  Now considering the Knicks had not lost a game with Jeremy Lin.  When they did lose, (although Lin still played an outstanding game, it proved they (Knicks were not perfect, even with Lin).  Therefore a “chink”, a flaw in their game.  Enough said.  I think the people who think this is a slur, will find the only slur is in their mind.  For it is in their minds “chink” is a slur.  I know many people who are like this.  In this usage it was not a slur.  I don’t know all the terms of the English language.  Just let me put it this way.  Had the reporter stated  “Jeremy Lin is a chink”  (No disrespect here Mr. Lin. Merely making a point ). That would be a slur.  But to say there is a.. “Chink in the Armor”  while referring to the Knicks…can hardly be considered a slur.

Perhaps indeed, Dan Fastenberg (AOL writer)  during his  report on the TV Show Undercover Boss (which I personally do not waste my time watching) stated the CEO of Checkers, and Rallys fast burger chain “… Silva’s time on “Undercover Boss” was a true chance to see the chinks in  the armor of the fast food empire…”  Using the same standards, should not Mr. Fastenberg be fired?

Ah, how our language changes day to day.  What will be next word that is to become a slur?

That Is How I See It.


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