NCAA Tournament Picks Night Two

So, as I said yesterday, I will now give my picks for Wednesday’s games.  But First let me say I didn’t do too well yesterday.  Who would think a team could shoot 30%, have 28 turnovers and still win.   Oh well,  Isn’t that why it is called “March Madness” ?  Anything can happen.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 14,2012. 6:30 pm

Tonight we begin with  a game of basketball featuring LAMAR UNIVERSITY, CARDINALS.  Representing the Southland (east) Conference.  Out of Beaumont Texas. This will be Lanar University’s first appearance in March Madness since the year 2000. The Cardinals come into tournament play with a 23-11 record.   A schedule that is stronger than weak but less than a medium toughness schedule.  Lamar will meet Vermont.

University of Vermont.  The CATAMOUNTS from Burlington,Vermont, and representing the American East Conference.  With a 23-11 record comes in with a similar schedule difficulty, similar to their opponent Lamar.  This will be their first appearance since 2010.  This is a difficult pick, two quite similar teams.  My pick is…(drum roll)  Vermont by 3 points or less.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 14,2012 9 pm

Our final play in game of the year brings us from the Pacific 12 Conference  the University California, Berkley  Golden Bears, from Berkley California.  Entering  with a 24-9 record,   Had an impressive strong schedule this year.  The Golden Bears will meet  University South Florida, Bulls.  The Bulls represent the Big East Conference with a 20-13 record.  They too had a very strong schedule.  This game I will have to give the edge to South Florida, by 2 points.


Vermont moving on to the Midwest Region as a number 16 seed facing number 1 seed North Carolina.

South Florida also enters the Midwest Region as a number 12 seed against number 3 seeded Marquette.

That Is How I See It,




  1. Me an Jeffrey flipped a coin 68 times to pick the games of the NCAA Tournament, and we have Marquette winning it all!\nshocker

    • Wayne Lawrence

      We needed one more person in our office pool once. So we made up a player. f
      Flipped coins. If we both came up wit the same side we took the second team (lower seed) if different we took upper seed. Darn near won the thing.

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