Peyton Manning To Denver

Just in. Jeff Saturday, Peyton Manning’s long time snapper. Will break up the duo and head to Green Bay

Today it was announced that the former COLTS quarterback has decided to move to Denver.

As it appears to me the Bronco fans seem so immersed in having Tim Tebow lead their team.   One must wonder what their reaction will be.  Will they welcome an aging. up the (and somewhat questionable health quarterback), or will they be Tebooing, the future hall of famer Peyton Manning.

Their is talk of Colts snapper Jeff Saturday following Manning to Denver.  Why break up a successful team?

I question Manning’s decision to continue to play football and risk his health and possibly his life,  to follow his wish to extend his playing career.  After all of his surgeries he must think of himself as the “Six Million Dollar Man”.  Better, Stronger, etc.   But even though the doctors may say he is good to go….well we all know the fact a repair is not always as good as the original.

I know during my later  years I knew the time had come for me to retire from sports I really enjoyed.  I made some money.  (Less a year, than Manning gets probably from one play on the football field).  But I had become a single parent and realized I owed my time to my children.   I do not think Peyton Manning has given this much thought.  What happens if he takes a severe hit and either ends up paralyzed or worse.  What about his quality time with his children.  I guess you could say I am just looking at this from  a negative point of view.  I think of it as a realistic point of view.  For me money is a secondary, third concern.  Family first.  I would much rather have the memories of raising my children than the money I could have amassed.  I wish him well with his career and his health.

One last comment before I close.  It is Peyton’s choice.  I hope it is the correct one.  Remember it took the Colts a few years to learn to play “Peyton Manning Offense”.  Will he be able to play at Denver long enough to teach them to play “Peyton Manning Offense”?  If he can will he be around long enough to capitalize on it?

Good Luck Peyton.

That Is How I See It.


  1. It sure seems like Manning and Brady seem to get the benefit of the doubt on these calls more than any other QBs. Not sure if its just cause those are high piflroe guys and we hear about them more, or if they really do benefit from more bad calls. That is one of the goals of this site, to see who gets the most bad calls for, and against them. I know Raiders and Ravens fans talk about the officials hating their teams but I haven’t seen much of that lately. We will see how the season plays out.

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