Motorcycle Here I Come

Spring means I dig my faithful steed out of the garage, and RIDE. 

Of course we have had a very mild winter, and I have taken a few short rides, BUT now these rides will be more frequent, and most likely a little longer.

Since I last spoke of riding,  I have added another motorcycle to my herd,  (I don’t know if two equals a herd, but….).  I ride my cruiser most of the time, but my lady friend prefers the ride of a touring bike.  So late last year, I had a chance to buy a HONDA Goldwing.  It may be old but, it was such a good bargain.  The bike is a Silver, 1987 Goldwing Interstate.  The cost of only $700.oo was too good to pass.  I was looking at a Harley Davidson, similarly equipped.  But, although it was a great buy, at $6,000.00  The Goldwing made more sense.  I don’t know how much she will accompany me on a ride, meaning I’ll be on the cruiser most of the summer.

By the way I rode that Goldwing home.  A distance of 100 miles.  Then we put about 800 miles on it the last month to month and a half of the riding season.  No problems.  Surprise.  It seems to have truly been a good buy.  I didn’t know what to expect for $700.oo, I figured if it turned out to be a lemon, I could get my money back selling the  parts.

( A couple of years ago, I traded my Touring Bike, Trailer and all, for a pickup truck for her.  In two years she drove the truck twice.)  We used to ride a lot together on that old touring bike,  but my riding buddies have either died or moved 1,000 miles away.  (You don’t get much riding time with them when the distance is so great).

Picking a group to ride isn’t easy.  For us it has to be someone we both like, and have similar likes, and riding styles.  By “riding styles”, I mean, we, my friends, and I, would ride a little, eat a little, frequent rest stops,  etc.  For example, we took a 224 mile trip, which we departed at 9 am.  and arrived at 5-6pm.  Like I said we stop frequently.  Like, during that ride, we come across an airplane museum, so we had to stop.  We stopped at Honda Dealers, for the couples riding Honda, Once at a Kawasaki Dealer, and One Harley Dealer for our Harley riders.  Plus we stopped around 10 am for breakfast, and around 2pm for dinner.  Not to mention the necessary  stops.

So here we go looking forward to a safe happy summer of enjoying the great outdoors; riding.

Be sure you check your bike out. Be sure everything is tight, clean, and working properly.  Take a few short rides before embarking on that long trip.  And, although I have been riding for…..oh lets just say a long time.  I still ride by myself a few times before I take off with a passenger.  Then we take short trips, before we go on a long ride. (Of course, as I said earlier, a 200 mile trip may take us hours.

Happy Motorcycling.

That Is How I See It.


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