False Advertising Or Oversight

What constitutes False Advertising ?  Does anyone know.  I’m sure the lawyers all have a different idea, depending on the side they are defending.  I have my  definition.  False Advertising is the altering, omission, or just plain lying about your product.  When I went to Dictionary.com, it said “ask a lawyer”.  Ha Ha.

Here I am only going to deal with a single product.  I don’t use this product because it states one thing which is, as far as I can tell, is false advertising,  But also because I can’t stomach the item it falsely claims as something it isn’t.  By product name.  It is Campbell’s V-8 Juice.  The can states “100 % Vegetable Juice from concentrate….with added ingredients.  First of all if it has added ingredients,  HOW  can it be 100% Vegetable Juice.

Now let us look at the JUICES.  Carrots. Okay I guess you can extract juice from carrots. I have never been able to.  I suppose if you put it into a blender and whatever you do with it you may come up with a juice like substance.  But I have never had a juicy carrot.

Celery. Well I have had some celery that I would consider juicy.

Beets, Yuck.  But I have seen juice around beets when they are served.

Parsley.  I am not sure on this one.  When I eat parsley it has at some point been in water, so I don’t know if that is Juicy or watery.

Lettuce.  Again I have never been able to extract juice from lettuce.

Watercress.  I don’t even know what this is.  I have eaten it in my salads, but again; no juice.

Spinach.  Love raw spinach. Hate cooked spinach.  No juice in raw spinach. But I see some slimy stuff when it is cooked, is that juice?

Lets see that is 7 vegetables.  But the container says V8.  Suggesting there is Eight Vegetables.  Let me look again. …………No that is all the vegetables listed.  There is a FRUIT listed.  Now we all know Fruit is where the juice is.

Hello people, here we are. The folks at Campbell’s appear to  count, TOMATOES, which any school child can tell you is a FRUIT.  (This is the one item that I cannot tolerate).

So should not the label say V7 F1.  Just to be honest about the content. I think so. It would appear the Tomato (FRUIT) is the main ingredient. Or any way that is what it looks like to me.

False Advertising?  Most likely not.  More like an oversight, or ignorance. I don’t know.  If you like it drink it.  But do remember it isn’t really V8.  In truth it is V7F1.

That Is How I See It.


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