Ah! The Perfect Boat

Finding Your Perfect Boat

Finding the perfect boat is an undertaking for an experienced boater.  For the first time boater, it can be a very difficult task to accomplish.  To
help you with your quest for the perfect boat, there are a few things you should know.

Deciding what’s important
Choosing the right boat is all about knowing what’s really important to you.  You need to decide whether you’ll be using the boat for your own private use,
fishing, or cruising.  You should also consider your families feelings, as buying a boat for your own personal needs without consulting your family will
probably lead to disappointing experiences or less time spent on the water.

Types of boats

Typically, boats will fall into five categories fishing boats, power boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, and self powered boats.  To help you
find the perfect boat, we’ll take a look at what each one offers.

Fishing boats
The designs for fishing boats will vary quite a bit, as are the places you can use them.  The boats that are meant for shallow waters of inland lakes
and rivers aren’t the same boats meant for deep seas and great lakes.  There are many different designs, even boats that serve no other purpose
besides fishing.

These types of boats normally have stowage and holders for bait, fishing poles, tackle, and even special tanks to hold live fish.  Other types
of fishing only boats feature an open platform where anglers can fight fish from all sides of the boat.

Power boats
Power boats are the most popular boats sold.  The designs with power boats are as varied as their uses.  Boats with seating in the front are
called bowriders, which are mainly used for towing skiers or rafts.  Most boats can also be used for fishing as well.  If you want to do both,  there are ski and fish combinations available.

When you first learn to pilot a sailboat, it can be very challenging, although very rewarding as well.  A sailboat requires more skill and knowledge to operate than boats, although they are considered more rewarding once mastered.

With all available sailboats, the single masted sloop is the most popular design.  For those who only boat on occasion, catboats, daysailers, and
dinghys are small and easily trailerable.

When you finally decide on the perfect boat for you, look at what each one offers and how you plan to use it.  The perfect boat for you is
out there, all you have do is find the one that best matches your needs.


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