Here we are.  Can you believe it is PLAYOFF time already?  Playoffs are, or should be a hard call.  All the previous weeks have been a combination of practice games, and winning enough games to make the PLAYOFFS.

With the first kickoff of the season the main goal is to win.  The second goal is to have a winning season.  The next goal is to win enough games to make the playoffs.  Then, (of course, no one wants to be eliminated in the first round).  Thus you have that goal to meet.  Next goal?  THE SUPERBOWL. Then we have the ultimate.  SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONSHIP.  

Who wouldn’t want their very own SUPERBOWL RING.  I know I would.

So what we have is pretty much a new season.  Throw out all the rest of the games.  This is what you have worked for.  Won/loss records mean very little.  It is all in the mindset of the TEAM.  True you are still going to have the same players….but THINGS happen.  The underdog has nothing to lose.  The top dog has to prove they belong there.

All the little things come into play.  I remember while I was in high school.  We had a team that was undefeated going into the SECTIONALS, which is the first rung of the State Championship rounds.  Guess what We also had a team that had not won a game all year.  They defeated that Undefeated team.  They also beat the next best team coming into the tournament.  The two extraordinary games they put back to back paid off in SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  Unfortunately those two games were the only wins they had that year.  They were eliminated in the first game of the next echelon.  BUT I think you get my point.

So, With that said here are my picks for the Week One Playoffs.


SATURDAY 01-05-2013 4:30 pm

Cincinnati 13 @ HOUSTON 19 3 (HIT 3), 3,3

SATURDAY 01-05-2013 8:00

Minnesota 10 @ GREEN BAY 24 (HIT 4) , 4,7

SUNDAY 01-06-2013 1:00 pm

INDIANAPOLIS  9 @ Baltimore 24 1 (miss 1), , 7

SUNDAY 01-06-2013 4:00pm

SEATTLE 24 @ Washington 14 2(HIT 2),2,9

Final Score 44.  FINAL SCORE 48


You may have noticed I went against the numbers for an Indianapolis win.  Much of this game is based on history.  The Colts had a rich history in Baltimore.  But left some deep scars with their midnight move to Indianapolis.  Therefore we have much of the afore mentioned points to come into play.  The Colts of Indianapolis have a great deal to prove and essentially nothing to lose.  Thus I have given them that wild WILD CARD, nod.

Good Luck to all and may your team win, or at least make a good showing of themselves.

Yes I know I could have had a perfect week.  But once in a while you have to play an upset.  Turned out to be not even a close game.

BUT now I wonder of the 3 top rookie QBs  Which I gave my feelings about in article regarding Peyton Mannings replacement.  Is there any doubt in any ones mind that RUSSELL WILSON should be Rookie of  the year?

Check back for next weeks picks.

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