Passed up a perfect week last week.  And I may have not learned all that much.  Because once again I will go against the numbers, and question the numbers on another game.  Can you guess the two games in question?

Going by they numbers my picks would be

Denver over Baltimore

San Francisco over Green Bay

Atlanta over Seattle

New England over Houston

But now is the time you throw out all the numbers

I am only confident about one game.  That being Denver over Baltimore. No doubt in my mind about this one.   With Manning healthy I believe the Ravens have little chance to advance.  However,  If Denver’s line falters and Manning is injured, and the score is close,  Baltimore has a grand chance to advance.

San Francisco and Green Bay.  Green Bay has the more seasoned QB in Aaron Rodgers.  But Collin Kaepernick:   Where did he come from?  Perhaps the most surprising QB of this season.  He has saavy, Speed and a line that is capable of giving him the time he may need.  San Francisco, on the other hand has a fairly  awesome defensive team.  That leaves us with the question:  Which line will wear down first?

Seattle and Atlanta.  The BATTLE OF THE “Angry “BIRDS.  Rookie Russell Wilson and Veteran Matt Ryan.  Ryan has played in in 3  post season games and lacks a solitary win.  He has so much to prove this game.  BUT…can he do it this time?   Wilson (the rookie).  When you consider what this rookie has brought to Seattle, with his march toward Rookie of the year.  Of course you know how much I like this QB.  I have to say he is the total package.  Although his game last week took a backseat to RGIII’s injury,  Is there anything he can not do.  Perhaps.  Is there anything his team would not do him.  Don’t think so.  He is a true TEAM Leader.  But here is that Veteran Vs the lone Rookie QB.

Houston and New England.  Pretty much of a toss up for me.  Houston had a great season.  Clinched their playoff berth early.  New England, always tough.  Just a tough call and I would have to say a total toss up.  Houston has had a couple of off weeks so they should all be healthy.  However I have seen these off weeks hurt more teams than help.  HOW to call this one.

First let me give you the picks if I played the numbers, and the confidence rating they would have received

Saturday 01-12-2013 4:30 pm

Baltimore 38 @ DENVER 35 2 OT 4 (miss 4), 0,0

Saturday 01-12-2013 8:00 pm

Green Bay 31 @ SAN FRANCISCO 45 2(HIT 2),2,2

Sunday 01-13-2013 1:00 pm

Seattle 28 @ ATLANTA 30 1 (HIT 1), 1,3

Sunday 1-12-3013 4:30 pm

Houston 28 @ New England 41 3 (HIT 3),3,6


Final Score 37

Now This is how I would most likely play it if money were on the line


Saturday 01-12-2013 4:30 pm

Baltimore 38 @ DENVER 35  2 OT4(miss 4),0,0

Saturday 01-12-2013 8:00 pm

Green Bay 31 @ SAN FRANCISCO 45 2(HIT 2),2,2

Sunday 01-13-2013 1:00 pm

SEATTLE 28@ Atlanta 30 3,(miss 3), 0,2

Sunday 1-12-3013 4:30 pm

HOUSTON 28@ New England 41 1, (miss 1), 0,2


Final Score 37  FINAL SCORE 69

Good Luck and may MY teams win.

I guess I really missed the total score this time New England had more points than my Final Score .

WOW !! What a game we started the day with.  Double Over Time?

Baltimore played a good game, and got many a favorable call or no call.  Yes you have those in all games. As I had other business to tend to I have to admit to not seeing the entire game.  Only the half attention you pay when company (who does not follow sports) drops by.  Their business was important to them and I.  It seemed to me DENVER  made an abundance of miscues on their own, which contributed to their downfall.  These errors made the game about 14 points closer than it should be.  So with that said was it the seemingly aforementioned favorable call or no call.  NO.  It still came down to DENVER mistakes.

As for the GREEN BAY-SAN FRANCISCO  game.  Sadly I must admit I was only able to see a couple of plays.  I usually only sleep 4 hours a day.  Then there are those days I may sleep all day and night.  I fell asleep about 8:30 pm and woke up this morning, by way of a phone call, at about 8:45 this morning.  NOT  sure I need that much sleep.

So much for that.  Let’s see what today’s games bring.

Disappointing game.  Seattle @ Atlanta.  I suppose we will never know who called the time out which eventually cost Seattle the win.  Seattle coach,Ref,Ump,Atlanta, Atlanta player, Seattle player.  My guess is the Seattle coach.  But sure seemed to be denying it.

You may wonder, like I did, WHERE WAS SEATTLE’s Defense.  Well this is my story.  At the end of the third quarter I personally called to Atlanta and asked for the Seattle Defensive Coordinator.  This is what I was told, “I thought we played the 4:30 game”  That is my story anyway.  Then that last series the defense just stood watching , just like they did the first 3 quarters.  I Am sure you would have to chalk this win not up to the outstanding play of Atlanta, But to the lack of D-E-F-E-N-S-E by the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson you may not be the media darling as is RG III. But you have proven yourself to be ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.   Small consolation to being SUPERBOWL CHAMPS.  However your team is young and I’m sure adjustments will be made in the off season to eventually get you that Super Bowl Ring.

Houston Vs New England.  You watch this game and wonder “How did Houston get here to begin with.  That is all I have to say about this game.

Please check back next week.  See how I do, (or don’t do)



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