It is finally here.                SUPER BOWL WEEKEND !!!!!!

So here we are.  Two Teams, Two Cities, Two States. And for all purposes EAST COAST Vs WEST COAST.  Being played on the SOUTH COAST.  One Team being around since 1946.  (SAN FRANCISCO 49’ers). And a relative newcomer, A teenager if you will.  Being 50 years the junior of SF.  The Baltimore Ravens; established in 1996.  (Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles),  Could this tell us BALTIMORE is for the birds.  (Sorry could not resist).  But I am sure Baltimore is all out for their two teams.

My personal belief is the game will be decided not so much by the offense, but by the DEFENSE.  Baltimore will have to come up with a way to stop SF’s Offensive machine.  Primarily QB Kaepernick.

I have come up with two different modes of predicting the winner of this confrontation.  One is my usual MATHEMATICAL system, taking into account the stats, and other variables.  (This has not worked really well for me this year, as you, who have followed my picks can attest).

The other is a tried and proven SCIENTIFIC method.

My MATHEMATICAL pick is……..(drum roll please)…….


SCIENTIFICALLY speaking The Winner will be ( if conditions are right) BALTIMORE.  however if the conditions are different we again must give the nod to SAN FRANCISCO.   seeing as Baltimore is in a colder climate.  San Francisco is in somewhat warmer area.

Tomorrow we will have an answer.

If the GROUNDHOG sees his SHADOW.  Baltimore will be the new SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. (By however many points they can manage)    HOWEVER!!!   If he does not see his shadow it will no doubt be    San Francisco.

UPDATE:  Phil has made his prediction.  PHIL picks ……San Francisco

Baltimore or San Francisco.  You now have my picks,


Will my SCIENTIFIC METHOD PROVE to be better than my MATHEMATIC  method.

Or will there be a coincidence between the two selecting the same team. Final Score 31

Enjoy your parties, the game, the COMMERCIALS.

BY the way a side not here.  I have been informed the average cost for a commercial is approximately $133 333.33  a SECOND.  There will be about 48 minutes of commercials. (12 minutes less the game).  So we have, again do your own math; mine hasn’t been so good.  60 seconds in a minute times 48 = 2,880 seconds.  Times $133,333.33 = 3.8 something my calculator ran into an error.



I truly hope we have no one wreaking havoc because their team won or lost.  This I don’t understand.  It may be an important game to all football fans.  BUT, IT IS STILL JUST A GAME








and a

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