Baltimore Ravens Win !!!

Perhaps the L-O-N-G-E-S-T  Super Bowl game in History.

BALTIMORE’S RAVENS  bested the SAN FRANCISCO FORTY-NINER’S by a score of 34-31.

Last night Championship was extended by a power outage.  I have read some say it was an external feed,  and another report that it was snafu inside the arena; an equipment failure.  Either way the side line announcers had the burden of filling in unexpected time.

Another thing that made it seem longer to me was the half baked,…er time show.  I know many of you are Beyonce fans.  But I would like to have more entertainment than a bunch of women in their swimsuits jumping around and making noise.  I actually switched over to watch bits of a COLUMBO re-run.

Now to the game.  Yes my Math and my Scientific methods both failed.  Therefore I could claim the Ravens win to be a fluke.  But that was not the case.  In fact it came down to, (as I said),  D-E-F-E-N-S-E.

Baltimore brought their defense and San Francisco’s was running way late on it’s arrival.  I believe both QB’s did an excellent job.  I also believe had San Francisco got their defense together before the power failure.  They would have won the game.  But they didn’t, and they didn’t.

The game hinged on the 108 yard return by Ravens’ Jacoby Jones.  There is no way that return should have happened.  The 49’ers defense left the whole field unprotected.  No one stayed back.  Just as in a high school game I watched this past season.  The kicker rushed down and tackled the receiver 5 yards after the catch.  But that was a mistake.  Even though he was able to do that.  His coach wasted no time in letting him know it was a mistake.  The rest of the season he stayed back and saved many potential scores.

Flacco was GIFTED the MVP.  Yeah, he did a good job.  WAS it a better job than Kaepernick.  Not in my eyes.  The true MVP   was the Ravens DEFENSE.  But how do you give MVP, (the “P” is singular) to a group.  Thus you give it to a single person.  Jacoby Jones would be a fair choice, it was his run back that won the game.  But that was only one play.  The DEFENSE on the other hand was on thier game most all night. So I suppose as the QB is often considered the leader an Spokesman for the team, Flacco would be give MVP, on behalf of the team.  After all ,  as in any T-E-A-M SPORT,  one person can not win the game by himself.

Congratulations to the BALTIMORE RAVENS. 

And I want to compliment fans on both sides.  I have not seen any reports of rioting or anything.  This shows me their fans are (both Baltimore, and San Francisco),  are CHAMPIONS too.

Hope to see you NFL fans back here again next year.  I have time to try to figure what I did wrong this year.

I suppose the next big event is  NASCAR SEASON. and for some the NBA All-Star game.  I  don’t care for the All-Star game.  Because they don’t really have any BASKETBALL stars.  Merely Media Darlings.  I will go into my feelings about the NBA  at a later time.

I may have opinions to share about NASCAR later.

Looking forward to NCAA Basketball tournament.  will give my picks, updates and OPINION; just like i did last year.

For now We close the book on: 2012 FOOTBALL,and the 2013 SUPER BOWL XLVII.

One final note some of the commercials were good.  Some not.  But at least some got more exposure due to the 34 minute delay.  My favorite was, again Budweiser, with the CLYDESDALE COLT.

Thank you for indulging me.



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