Finally it is  MARCH MADNESS!!!!!. 

Who will be the Number One team this year?

Who will be the CINDERELLA team?

Could this be the year a 16 seed upsets a number 1 seed?

Who will be the most upset minded team?

Could we see a one Conference final game.

Maybe even a one Conference FINAL FOUR.


WOW!   Lots of possibilities waiting for us.

Maybe your favorite School Will WIN

First we have to have our 68 teams.

So Knowing you can’t account for the NCAA’s  Comittee, THEY have an altogether sometimes strange reasoning for their picks.  One thing I really don’t like is this. The committee has decided to addteams they would not have included in the original 64.    They may take one of these teams to play into a 12 seed spot.   They may have 2 of these teams play into the same  SET OF 16.  The way I see it they should have these teams play in by having them play the 16 seeds.  That way you have one play in, in each block of 16.  

But; Going out on a limb. I have selected these 68 teams to play in the NCAA Tournament of 2013.  In Alphabetical Order.

[table]1st 16, 2nd 16,3rd 16,4th 16

1. Akron,  18. Hampton,  35. Memphis,52. St. Mary’s

2. Arizona, 19. Harvard,  36.  Miami,53. San Diego St.

3. Belmont,  20. Illinois,  37. Michigan. ,54. S. Dakota

4. Boise St,  21. Indiana,  38. Michigan St.  ,55. Southern

5. Bucknell,  22  Iona,  39. Minnesota.  ,56.  Stephen  F. Austen

6  Butler,  23. Iowa St. ,  40. Missouri.  .,57.  Syracuse

7. California,  24. James Madison.,41.Montana ,58.  Temple

8. Cincinnati,  25 Kansas,  42. New Mexico  ,59. Tennessee

9. Colorado,  26. Kansas St,  43. N.Carolina,60.  UCLA

10. Colorado St.,  27.  Kentucky,  44. N. Carolina St.,61. UNLV

11. Creighton,  28 LaSalle,  45.  Notre Dame,62. Valparaiso

12. Davidson,  29.  Liberty,   46. Ohio St.,63. Va. Commonwealth

13. Duke,  30.  Long Beach St.,  47. Oklahoma, 64. Vermont

14.  Florida, 31LIU Brooklyn., 48. Oklahoma St., 65.   Villanova

15. Florida Gulf Coast,  32.  Louisiana Tech.,  49.  Oregon,66. W. Kentucky

16. Georgetown,  33.  Louisville,  50.Pittbursgh , 67. Witchita St.

17.Gonzaga,34. Marquette,51.  St. Louis,68.  Wisconsin


Now my Picks for Number one seeds.  (which will not happen due to the NCAA’s need to spread the wealth).  The most deserving (as I see it)  Indiana, Michigan St., Michigan, and Gonzaga.

I Know a lot of you will wonder why I have 3 teams from the Big Ten.  Simply because,  The strength of the Big 10 this year.  I think if any of these teams were in ANY other conference they would have been the number one team.

That is the way I see it.

Join me for our annual Picks un-contest  SEE if you can beat me.  I once again will have my picks using the upper ranked team, my personal picks, and the actual finishes.

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