Pro Bowl Sunday; 01/26/2014

Today is the first of the newly formatted PRO BOWL.  Whoopee.

In the beginning this was to be the ALL STAR  event of  FOOTBALL  However,  this has been reduced to a sham of the original intent.  To bring those who gave the most effort and really stood out during the current season representing their division.  It slowly turned into a paid vacation for the big name players, (regardless of the worth of their season).  Some of those Highly paid players even had the nerve to turn down the invitation.

Last year was, in my estimation,  the best Pro Bowl game in many years.  So with things looking up for the Pro Bowl,  the powers of the league. decided to change the format.

This year you will see TEAM MEMBER AGAINST TEAM MEMBER.  How do they think this will be better?  No more AFC Vs NFC.  No  East Vs WestNo North Vs South.  BUT ; Brother Vs Brother.  Team mate against Team mate.  LOL!!  WHAT A JOKE.   Imagine (if you will)  ME, as your STAR Quarterback. Your Job is to Put me down. Because we are not Team mates on this day, but rivals.      So you do your JOB today.  You do it well.  But while doing your JOB you give me a career ending injury.  YAY for you.  But tomorrow you have to face your Club’s Owner.  “What were you thinking”.  He Yells.

“Just doing my Job”.  You say.

I’m sure it would end there.  Aren’t You?   If you are able to retain your position with the CLUB.  Now you will be playing with a new QB. Changes will be made.  Maybe your team will have a miraculous season and do well.  Or, just maybe they won’t.  Do you think your Team mates will have the same respect for you.  How about your fans.

What I am saying is; This is a no win for NFL.  Yes they can be sure to not put a player in the position of injuring a fellow Team mate.  But there is nothing to play for.  The little amount of money the players receive in this game is less than some donate to charity a year.

Just as I said Last Year was a great game.  This year I see nothing of interest to watch.  So, I may try to watch a bit.  But I expect very little competition.  Just a walk thru practice game.

If you watch it I hope you get a good game, or at least some kind of pleasure from it.

As for me I expect it to be a waste of my time.  (I could be wrong, most likely not).  But for those of you who do watch i wish you well

That Is How I See It.

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