It is finally here   SUPER BOWL 48 !!!!!        Vs 

SUNDAY 02/02/2014.   Kick off is scheduled for  6:25 pm on the FOX. Although the schedule I read states the game on FOX starting at 6:30.  So I advise you to tune in early, and be prepared for a later kickoff.

Question one Do you enjoy the game, or the party?

For some it is more of an excuse for a party.  Others just enjoy the game.  Some people will only watch to see the commercials,  Some watch THE HALFTIME SHOW.   And believe it or not there are those who will watch for all of  the above.    As for me I will watch for the game and my favorite commercial,  the BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES.  

Now for some info:  As I said last week DO NOT GO TO NEW YORK TO WATCH THE GAME.  Because although the New York Giants play their games there, the actual stadium is not even in the state of New York.  The game will be played in EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY.  Therefore New York has to cash in on the parties and extra curricular activities.  It doesn’t seem right does it.  The Giants should actually be called the NEW JERSEY GIANTS.  Of course NEW JERSEY probably doesn’t care because the state benefits from the games, refreshments, etc of the games played there.  But Imagine this,  What would the Illinois residents think if the Chicago Bears were actually played in Gary Indiana.  Same thing.

Looking at the TV Commercial costs.  I read (somewhere, don’t ask me where as I generally read at least 7 newspapers before 10:oo am each day, and check about 5 -6 TV station websites plus whatever else catches my eye),  as an average a commercial costs $19,789.80 a second or  $593,694.00 for 30 seconds, which come up to $1,187,388.00 a minute. Lets not forget production costs for those commercials.  There are approximately 30 minutes of commercials during the game.  Given this rough estimates that is $35,652,164.00 for the network.  Now remember this does not include the pre game and post game shows.

This will be the first OUTDOOR COLD WEATHER Super Bowl,   since SUPER BOWL X.   The first played on Field Turf, (artificial grass).  AND, What I think makes this match up unique it will be the only the SECOND TIME IN 20 YEARS THAT WILL BE A TRUE, (In my estimation), SUPER BOWL,  pitting the NUMBER ONE seeds from each conference HEAD TO HEAD.

GAME SETUP:  Veteran Peyton Manning Vs New Comer Russell Wilson, who in just his Sophomore season has led his team to this Super Bowl.

For the DENVER BRONCOS.  You will watch the old veteran PEYTON MANNING, in what I believe will be his THIRD Super Bowl appearance.  No doubt as to his abilities, or his knowledge.  Manning is a true student of the game.  I feel sure he (with the aid of the coaching staff), have well prepared his team for this meeting.
Going over countless clips of the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS,  DEFENSE.
 Picking up every nuance of the Seattle defense, every tell that may tip off the DEFENSE strategy. 
Heck he has probably had some input for the DEFENSE as well.  But will his experience and knowledge be enough to outscore the SEAHAWKS?

For the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS.  We find a comparative youngster leading the team.  Although his record would be-lie that fact.  He has abilities that Manning lacks, but this will be his first Super Bowl, He will have to rely on his coaches to send in the knowledge that Manning has already locked up in his head.  Can they,  The coaches convey this effectively to Wilson.  I am sure they have done their best.  Some may question the affect the stage (SUPER BOWL)  will have on this young man.  Speaking from my own experience, (on a somewhat smaller stage), THE GAME IS THE THING.  I never heard the crowd, or even thought about them.  I was only playing the game, to win.  That is all I had on my mind, never so much as looked at the time clock.  The referees will tell me when the game is over, then I can look at the scoreboard all I want.  I think this will be how Russell Wilson will see it.

Final Analysis:  I could be wrong but,  I firmly believe the key to this CHAMPIONSHIP GAME will be DEFENSE.  Both teams have demonstrated for the most part exemplary defenses.  They have also had spells of fading into the grass,  what happened in those times.  If both teams bring their DEFENSE and keeps them awake, I am looking for a very good, close game.  But I think that is the whole KEY to the game.  

Too close to really call.  On one hand I think Veteran, on the other I am compelled to go with the “Newbie”.  As long as we get a SUPER QUALITY game, I suppose it doesn’t much matter.  Denver fans won’t agree and Seattle fans won’t agree with me on that.  (Notice me stalling).   I am like both QB’s.  My mind is telling me one thing.  My heart another.  I will admit here that having attended University of Wisconsin.  I have to root for Denver and Montee Ball, and with my respect for Manning.  But I did watch the impact that Russell Wilson made in just one year there, of course Montee was there too.  Like I said too Close, (still stalling). So let me say Good Luck to Both teams, and their respective fans.

And please remember it reflects badly on your team if behave badly, Win, or Lose.  So please celebrate like adults, and not like a prison riot.


Okay my pick for Super Bowl XLVIII   is (drum roll please)…………………………………..



That Is How I See It.


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