Belated Super Bowl Wrap-up

I know it is rather late.  I have been busy doing some consulting work.  Then discovered had an issue with connection upon my return.  So this will be short and sweet.

YES!!! Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson WON!

I wish we had a better game.  With the top OFFENSE Vs. The top DEFENSE : We should have had a GREAT game.  However as I predicted the difference was the Defensive effort.  The Denver Broncos had that one blunder in the opening seconds of the game, which threw them in a tizzy.  Between that awkward start and the smothering defense of the Seahawks,  The Broncos could not recover.

I do wish we had seen better showings by both Peyton Manning, and Montee Ball.  But neither got much chance to show their skills.   Seahawks defense all over them and every Bronco.

Now the question is will we see key players from both or either team take advantage of their success this year, to enhance their PAYCHECK.   Unfortunately the day of loyalty is long past.  Few players have it.  I think Peyton Manning would have taken a pay cut to stay with the Indianapolis Colts.  Just one of the few LOYAL players around.

Speaking of Mr. Manning:  I think he may have another year in him.  The question is this:  Is the desire still beating in his heart.  Little brother, has the Super Bowl bragging rights, but Peyton has all those records.

I suppose we will just have to wait and see how this all unfolds.

Congratulations to both teams for the exceptional season they put together

That Is How I See It.

P.S.  I know the Daytona NASCAR race is coming up.  But After all these years I could care less.  I usually just flip through the channels and catch glimpses of it.  Mike Helton and the powers behind him have ruined it for me. But we will be having our MARCH MADNESS  posts.  Look for them.

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