This is my opinion regarding Gun Laws.   You may agree or disagree,  GUNS,  have  help given you that right.  

As for myself, (since my guns, and knifes were stolen many years ago),  I now own only 1 gun.  That gun is a J.C. Higgins 12 guage, bolt action, 5 shell in tube, 1 in chamber SHOTGUN.   I once loved to hunt squirrel, (with my 22 rifle, not like some I knew who used a 4-10 shotgun)  and rabbits with my Shotgun.    The last time I went rabbit or squirrel hunting was with my Dad.  We saw no squirrels, that morning. And the last time we went hunting together was for rabbits.  There was a fellow we met there just coming out of the fields.  He told us “good luck”,  he and his dog saw not even one rabbit.  We asked if anyone else was out there. He replied ” Nobody:, and cleared his weapon, and climbed into the cab of his pickup truck.   That didn’t stop us.  We walked every inch of  that 80 acre farm, (I know fields are bigger than that now, but at the time it was the average size farm in our area).   We saw nary a hare.  Walking back to the truck, parked along the highway,  we unloaded our guns,  THEN we saw about 5 of those consarned critters run across our path, and I could swear I heard them laughing,  Any way we came up empty both times.

In the service I qualified with an M-1, M-14, M-16, rifles;  M-1911 45 Pistol, M-60  Machine gun, , and M-1 Bazooka.

I am a strict advocate for hunting guns,  I have friends who hunt with a Colt 45.  Tried it, didn’t like it.  When it come to carrying a pistol for protection, I can understand it if the carrier is properly trained.  I usually just carry a STUN GUN, and PEPPER SPRAY.  I draw the line at assualt weapons.  The only time they may come in handy is if we are attacked by another country, or, HEAVEN help us we must defend ourselves from attack by our own government.  I’m not talking about defying our laws, what I am talking about is if our government goes berserk, like a Lenin, Hitler, or Hussein, were to try to overrun our country.

What happens if Obama gets his way and we all have to surrender our guns.  No more hunting, for one thing.  But the biggest problem I see is who will have guns; then.   The military, and criminals.  The military needs them to defend our country and our rights.  Criminals need them because they are too lazy to work, have no respect for others, and, Oh yes they can intimidate the average citizen.

Why will the criminals have guns?  Because they are CRIMINALS, they will get guns by hook or crook, as the saying goes.  The average citizen will not have guns because….well because it is AGAINST THE LAW.  

The problem we have  is  there is no way to keep the criminal from having guns.  They could issue a law that anyone found to have a gun be put to death.  Even that won’t stop the criminal element from having guns.  Accidents do occasionally happen.  But from what I can see more people are killed (on purpose, or during a criminal act like robbery or something like that).  There will occasionally be accidental shootings,  there are also too many stabbings,  Most of them are not accidents.  I suppose we could arm ourselves with bow and arrow….But that didn’t turn out too well for our NATIVE AMERICANS.  The CRIMINALS will still have guns.  REMEMBER.

In closing, I suppose I must leave it up to wiser people than me to solve the problem.  As it stands right now I can definitely say I am against GUN CONTROL.  Not only does it go against our CONSTITUTION, but there is no  logic in the politicians or pro Gun Control components thinking.  Of course how can I think of politicians think logically?

That Is How I See It.


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