Government Cancels Redskins Trademarks

What Is Happening In The United States?

Since 1937 (77 years)  the Washington Redskins have played PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL.    They began in 1932 as the  BOSTON BRAVES.  From 1933 through 1936,  They changed the name to the BOSTON REDSKINS.   For 81 YEARS,  the franchise has proudly carried the name  “REDSKINS”.   Now the GOVERNMENT, has canceled some of their TRADEMARKS.   Why?  Some lady complained.

It is reminiscent (for me), of the little lady who bought HOT COFFEE at McDonald’s, then through her own error spilled the coffee, (I think she was drinking and driving.  Can’t recall all the circumstances, so you may want to look that up).  Anyway she in turn SUED McDonald’s because the Coffee was hot. ?????  (What about common sense ).   And won a huge amount of dollars, (maybe $1 million).  That was the beginning of the “I’ll sue” era.  Before that time No body would sue over small  things, especially if it was their own making.  But I stray from our topic here.

We seem to be living in an era which allows the rights of the few trump the rights of the many.

Now let me say this is only my opinion and to each their own.  I ask myself if I were of American Indian descent, (and who knows,  my family roots go to the 16oo’s here in the United States), would I be offended by the use of the name “REDSKINS”?  I can’t see any reason why I would.  I have friends who ARE American Natives., or at least are descendents,  None of them have RED skin.  They sure are proud of their heritage.  The American Natives,  aren’t necessarily NATIVE,  But they were here before the big immigration.  Before the Mayflower.  I started to say Caucasians came.  That would be an error on my part.  According to the dictionary:    CAUCASIAN: Pertains to Humankind as marked by FAIR to DARK skin, straight or tightly curled hair, light to dark eyes, And inhabiting Europe, parts of North Africa, and Western Asia”.  Kind of sounds like our American Natives.  doesn’t it.

I think of the “Native American”, as it appears some of them prefer to be called,  AS a proud nation who probably got along with their fellow tribes better than most of the peoples of the world.  According to the story of “THANKSGIVING”  was more than willing to share their land and teach the settlers how to survive.  But as more settlers came they were “pushed  around”, (for lack of a better word”.  Their hunting grounds, their lifestyle threatened.  They fiercely defended their land and lifestyle.  They were a PROUD PEOPLE.  That  is why many schools, and sports team take a name like “Braves” or “Redskins, or “Indians”.  Like their namesakes,  they fight to protect their “ground”  arenas from invaders from others who would like nothing more than to defeat them in their home areas, while protecting their own home ground”

Yes this is nothing compared to what the original, as far we know, fought for.

Lastly. I ask myself, “What would happen if they changed their name to “WASHINGTON WHITESKINS”.  Would the non white Americans feel slighted, and feel they were not welcome?   I can understand a group who protested, let’s say the WASHINGTON APACHES,  especially if they had no Apaches on the team.  That sort of sounds like false advertising to me.

I think I would be proud to have a likeness or name of American Heroes, associated  with a Sports Team.  In fact I hereby give the Washington permission to use my Name as their team name, If they want to.  These team names keep the American Indian in the eye of the public, and allow us to recall their history.  The way things are today, without these team names, people would not remember the PROUD people who tamed this wild country, and made it safe for all.  Even the descendents of those who poached their land.  As much as I HATE to say this.  I think the people who want to knock out these institutions must be ashamed of their heritage.  If they want it stopped do it the right way and say no new TEAM names referencing The American Indian or their lifestyle.  But to cause a fuss over teams who have proudly carried those names through all these years?  I think is a terrible thing.

That Is How I See It..

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