Unmarked Police Cars

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I just watched a video on YAHOO.com.  I found extremely informative, and thought provoking.

The video was of a man pulling over a Washington state police officer.  Citing a State law which prohibits the use of UNMARKED POLICE VEHICLES  being used as patrol cars.  Stating that unmarked cars are usable in undercover investigations.

The point that was brought up is…A citizen cannot know if he is being pulled over by an authorized police officer, or a stalker, or a serial killer. (to go from one comparison point to another).

In the state i live in we have had numerous incidences, ( specially unescorted women),  being pulled over by a predator, or cop want to be,  by cars MARKED as police cars.  Now you throw in the UNMARKED car issue.

So how do you know if you should pull over.  Just because a car has the lights, which can be bought by it seems anyone.  You have seen them in movies, car shows,etc.,  doesn’t mean there is a rel reason,  or a real cop behind the wheel.  Yet if you don’t stop then you are accused of resisting a police officer.    Pull over in a well lit public spot?  I have been on roads where I might travel 30-40 miles before I find a spot like this.  You know by this time if the cop is real he is going to have an army of fellow officers after me.  I will be charged with fleeing law enforcement.

We know we do have officers,  though few in the overall number of police officers,  who would fall in this category of predatory behavior.  I do recall the times when a Town Clown,  (town cop), would camp outside someones home and wait for them to leave so they could stop them for loud muffler violations.  I know of a man who did drink too much,  BUT city cops would wait about a block from the bar he visited and wait for him to leave.   I knew they were waiting and told him to stay his regular time, but only drink Coke.  He did.  They pulled him over almost as soon as he pulled out of his parking spot.  Ha! Ha! Joke was on them.   Another time a friend of mine was 5 minutes from his house when pulled over.  They gave him a breath test, and he passed it.  They held him there for 20 minutes, by then the alcohol had apparently entered his blood stream and he failed.  Off to jail.

in our state we had a ,I think state police officer, who  was convicted of murder 2 times. (Same Murder).  Yet he was granted a 3rd trial,  with the stipulation that the convicting evidence in the first 2 rials could not be used.

Like I said these are hopefully few and far between.

In closing I would like to go record as being a proponent for discontinuing use of unmarked patrol cars for police use.  This I do in the name of Citizen Safety.

That Is How I See It.

Below is a link to the video.   Whether it will still be up when you check it… I don’t know.  I know they usually only have these things up for a short period of time.


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