NFL Season Wrap Up

Sorry for taking so long to post.  Friday I came down with the Flu…..and well you know how that goes.  A lot of ” BLECH”.   Feeling a little better now..

Now back to the season wrap up.  Yes I did pick SEATTLE to defeat the Patriots.   Although I never got it posted.  We all knew it was going to be a toss up.  But unless you are a Patriots fan, I think everyone else had confidence the Seahawks would come out on top.  I had figured the game would come down to last possession.  WHICH it did.

I think I am correct in stating that all season long we have had many surprise plays called by the Seattle Offensive Coaching team.   For the most part THEY worked.  Everyone marveled at how clever the Offensive Coaches were.    BUT….Those calls were made when the team had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Looking at the final minute of the game;  we witnessed how accurately Russell  Wilson could pass.  We saw Jermaine Kearse, make a miraculous once in a lifetime catch.  Setting up 1st and goal for the win and a TWO-PEAT  for a young Seattle team.  Marshawn Lynch ran the ball on the first play and came up 18 inches short of the game winning TD.

The next play called in was a surprise to all.  the ILL FATED TOSS.  I understand the thinking behind it being a possible play.  Patriots thinking like everyone else in the world…MARSHAWN LYNCH.  So you pull a switcheroo and try a short pass.  This takes time off the clock. and still leaves you two downs to go to BEAST MODE!!!!!.   But apparently MALCOM BUTLER was ready for the play.  Belichick must have been a little leary of the crafty Pete Carroll and threw in a safety valve just in case.  And Thus WON SUPER BOWL XLIV.

FOR the rest of us in the real world, we think WHY.

Eighteen inches from the win.  You have the BEAST.  You have a very mobile QB.  If you are going to call a non BEAST call let it be a QB SNEAK.  Out of the many posts, by Hall of Famers, and armchair QB such as I.  The logical conclusion is GO BEAST.  I bet even the Patriots line had doubts they could stop Lynch from getting 18 inches three time in a row.

So I must consider the pass call the MOST BONEHEADED CALL OF THE HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL.  That being said I can’t think of any other coach I would want in Pete Carroll’s place.  He and his coaching Team have made so many great calls over the last 3 years….I guess everyone is allowed one mistake.

On the flip side.  The record books won’t show the coaches as the ones who got the loss.  No you won’t see any one of their names there.   Unfortunately what will be reflected in the record books will be a black mark against; WHO I consider the best QB of the last 3 years.  It will say “RUSSELL WILSON, SEATTLE SEAHAWK QB THREW AN INTERCEPTION FROM THE FOOT AND A HALF LINE, TO LOSE THE CHANCE FOR A RARE TWO-PEAT,  SUPER BOWL WIN.”

How did you do for the season.  I am not so proud of season stats.  But here they are

 1 10/6  75
2 9/7 56

9/7 56

4 8/5 61
5 11/4 69
6 12/3  80
7 11 /4 69
8 12/3 80

9 11 /4 69
 10 10/3
11  7/7 50
12 11/4 69
13 11 /5 69
14 12/4 75
15  12/4  75
16 9/7 56

 17 12/4  75
3/1 75

DIVISON 3/1 75
CONF PO 2 /0 100
SUMMARY 181/84 68

So there you have my final blog,  (Unless something very interesting comes up), on the NFL until next season.

I will have other posts on other subjects.  And I definitely will return for MARCH MADNESS.  Be sure to check back here for our usual coverage and see if you can out do me on my game picks.

Thanks to all who followed me.  I hope you all did better this time.  BUT THERE WILL BE NEXT YEAR.


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