Right now it appears that Kentucky will receive the overall number one seed.  Which guarantees them the easiest path to the final four.

Here is where I make many of you mad.  Might just as well get it out of the way right now.  After careful consideration I predict KENTUCKY will be the first NUMBER ONE seed out.   Kentucky is a good team and appears as of now they will go undefeated in regular season.    But if you look at their schedule…..WHO have they played.  A few teams that may be in the Tournament.   But looking at their overall schedule,  it has been pretty much of a soft schedule.  In  other years it could have been a tough schedule.  But this year,  well it was a disappointment.  All teams have these years….maybe.  But it may work out for them.  While they have pretty much coasting, and other teams have been going toe to toe.   They may be the most rested team entering the Tournament.

Is it possible for a team with a losing record be in the BIG DANCE?  Just ask MEAC Tournament Champion Hampton Pirates.   With a 16-17 record.  The answer is yes.   Can they wear the Glass Slipper?

What is a seed?  Merely a starting place.  Although unlikely, IT is possible for two 16 seeds to meet in the final game.  Would lets say Kentucky were to be seeded as a number 16.  They would still have  to win all games to be CHAMPION !

OKAY.  so I was wrong Villanova was first number 1 out.  So That makes Kentucky 2nd Number 1 seed out.

I called it right the second time!!  Kentucky was the second number 1 out.  They did play well.  But their weak regular season schedule did not prepare them for the stronger teams.  It took a last second desperation shot to overcome Notre Dame.  But Wisconsin’s tough season made them ready.  

The behavior of the Kentucky “FANS” back in Kentucky I am sure did not reflect the feelings of the Wildcat Coaches and Players.  However their acts do reflect back to them, the University, and The STATE.  I still do not understand this type of childish behavior.  It does not change the outcome of the game.  Maybe “TOO Much ALCOHOL”  is an excuse.  But that would be all it was.  NOT A REASON!  Kentucky did make it a lot farther than I expected.  Hats off to Kentucky Team for not quitting.  Maybe next year (for a change) they will return with experienced players, and not have to rely on Freshmen.  Here is to next year Kentucky.

Season is over.   Congratulations to DUKE. 

It is hard to say one bad call changes the outcome of a game.  However a couple of bad calls and NO CALLS.  Can alter a game.  In what I saw was DUKE get more than their share the last 3 minutes of the game.  I saw them commit charges that were mis -called BLOCKS.  I saw Duke throw up there forearms to clear space.  I really think the REFS let the game get out of control.  Of course You can make the excuse that they were letting the teams play.   HOWEVER,  the Most Questionable Non Call was with about 2 minutes +/-.   It was plenty obvious the Ball went out last touched by DUKE’s Winslow I think.  I am not really good with names.   But no one can say for sure if that really made a big difference,  DOWN by 5.  It would have given the BADGERS a chance to score and cut the lead by 2 or 3, (if they scored).   This could have changed the momentum, or not.  Who can say?

But it is over no going back.  

I WANT TO POINT OUT THAT UNLIKE KENTUCKY,  I SAW NO BEHAVIOR ON THE PART OF EITHER TEAMS FANS.  (hope I’m not speaking too soon).   But Hats off to them for showing maturity.  


Check back for other articles throughout the year.  Maybe  some Public Service Announcements, or who knows what may strike my fancy.   Maybe a few sports articles.  but I Just have not been able to get into baseball since the strike which brought about the PED thing when they  allowed Mark McGuire to hit those home runs to generate interest in the game.  Just like the NBA let MJ get by with making his own rules to create interest in their arena.  I can’t really call them sports any more.  But will be back with our usual Football coverage.





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