This will be the final word you hear from me on “DEFLATE GATE”.

Not all involved were fairly punished.  You have the officials who receive the ball from the sidelines to be put in play.  All veterans.  We know they could easily tell the ball were under inflated.  We have all seen them squeeze the ball before putting it in play.  Yet, they went virtually unpunished for permitting this infraction.

The QB in question a four game vacation.  Really?  (Slap on the hand)  No,  No, don’t do that again.

As for the PATRIOTS (?)…would a real PATRIOT cheat just to win a kids game. 

So they lost a couple of draft picks.  That is pretty easy to get around.  If they see someone they really need they work out  a trade with another team for him.  So much for the lost draft pick.

A million dollar fine. For the most of us fans that sounds like a LOTTA MONEY.  But how much did they make counting in all revenue streams for “winning” the Super Bowl.  Let’s say a minimum of 10 million dollars. (probably a lot more than that).  But WHO of you would not shrug off a 1 million dollar fine, when you were able to pocket the other 9 million dollars.

But even though they cheated one must ask the question.  DID THEY WIN THE SUPER BOWL,  or were they handed it by a coaching error by the SEATTLE SEAHAWK  staff.  I have not spoken to any one who thought they made the right call.  All agree they would just keep putting the ball in the hands of Lynch.  But they did make that call, and you have to admit Pete Carroll made a lot of strange calls throughout the season, and for the most part they worked out.  I guess you could say he went to the well one time too many.   He merely played on the fact that the other team would expect him to go with the obvious. But it did rob his team and The really best QB in many years of back-to-back Super Bowls.

Like I said the PATRIOTS  basically received a reprimand Roger Goodell thought the public would accept without really hurting his friends.

That Is The Way I See It.

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