I was raised on a farm and rural town.  So Hunting was a natural thing.  We planted our own garden, raised our own hogs, beef, sheep, chickens,etc.  We had apple trees, cherry trees, and pear trees.  We had Black Raspberry, Gooseberries, Black Berries, Blue Berries, Strawberry Bushes., and of course there was always a bountiful pick of mushrooms. A creek, (in our area it was pronounced CRICK), so plenty of fish to eat.  We hunted rabbit, and squirrel, to supplement and vary our meat diet.  We Churned our own butter, and canned what we could to get us through the winter.  So, you see hunting was a natural thing for us.

All my life I have been pretty much anti HANDGUN.  I first fired a handgun at age 9.  My best friends cousin, who was about 10-12 years older than us,  took us out to an empty field and set up some tin cans, a let us shoot his Colt 45.  I think that is what it was,  to me it was just like the one the LONE RANGER used.  Granted it was a treat, pretending to be a real western cowboy.  But I could see no real reason to own one.  My other time was when I was about 19.  This time I was in the Military and had to qualify with the Military pistol, a gun I carried rarely.  Ok.  This I could see.  Being the radio operator, it was not always practical for me to carry a rifle.  But those times would be in battle or rioting conditions.  But for an average citizen,  I could still see no reason for anyone to have a handgun.  I had my Shotguns, and Rifles to defend my home with.

But recently,  I was asked to check  a friend’s property,  they noticed someone had damaged the gate to their property, when they arrived home, and was going to wait on the road at the end of their drive.  They had called for the  police.  They said it was pretty obvious the police did not want to respond.  So off I went.  It took me  half and hour to get there.  (No Police).  I bravely entered the property, armed with my PELLET PISTOL,  to check things out.  I found no one.  My friends found what looked like a failed attempt to break in a door.  I waited with them another half hour, and still NO POLICE.  We called the police back, to let them know they could cancel the call.   We were told that they had not yet dispatched anyone to the scene.

A couple of weeks later I made a trip to a neighboring state.  The friend I was visiting there had a neighbor who was a retired Sheriff.  They were talking about a handgun my friend was considering buying.  It was type the Sheriff used as a back up weapon.  I was asked my thoughts on it.  I told them I didn’t see any reason for owning one.  I explained that I did have a Pellet Pistol,  and how I had taken it to my friends on the aforementioned instance.  The retired Sheriff laughed, then scolded me.  He told me taking my Pellet Gun was worse than taking no gun.  The trespassers could have seen it and used a “real gun”  and shot me on the spot.  He also recommended I get a handgun.  I explained I had my Shotgun and Rifle.  He asked why did I not take one of them instead of the Pellet gun?  I explained they seemed a little cumbersome, and if someone was hidden and I was in close proximity I might not be able to use the long guns.   The Sheriff said, “One of the reasons you should consider getting a handgun”.   He also added long guns are not real good if I was attacked by a carjacker, if I were met with a mugger, and he continued on and on with reasons I should consider a handgun.

As of now I have not made a decision.  I will think it over this week.

Check back next week for further details.

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