Well,  here are at either a stopping place or a pausing place.  It depends on how things go, if anything else comes up.

I have made my decision that it is not guns that need control it is PEOPLE which need control.  For the most part, it would be control of the people who have no respect for property or life.  I see no fool  proof way to do this.  BUT, it surely isn’t taking away the rights of law abiding citizens.  I firmly believe in the right of each U.S. patriot to have a gun for self protection, (as well as hunting, and sport).

(What I am going into now is the considerations of whether carrying a gun is for me.

1. Will I be comfortable with a weapon on my person (in my home I am fine with).

2. Would I be able to handle killing someone (Justified or not).  I know some of you would consider it the same as killing in a war.

3. What about the financial responsibilityJust like farmer Tony Martin.  Defending himself and property, yet taken to court by the criminal for injuries.  Maybe I mistakenly take a good guy as a criminal,  If I see a CRIME being committed.  OR, accidental discharge.

Other things I must consider include the fact, where I live, (in a small town), the probability of my needing it  for defense is very, very low.  But I would feel more comfortable with a gun to protect my family and friends.  PROPERTY, does not mean that much to me.

Where I would be more in need of personal protection is when we go to the BIG CITY, (where there are multiple murders each night, not to mention other crimes), for sporting events.  We may need to walk many blocks to get the sporting event, at night, and you have the parking garages where it would be easy to be mugged.  Usually the only employee they have is the one who collects the fees.  Here is the big CATCH, we are not allowed to take a weapon into the arenas, and they  don’t have lockers to stow any.  I know.  I have a pocket knife I have carried for over….well let’s just say the majority of my life.  It has been lost and found so many times.  Once I lost it over a thousand miles away.  It was lost for about 3 years.  A friend bought a truck with a title from that state, and while cleaning it up we found MY Lucky knife.  But back to my point.  Open the total length, handle and all is about 3 inches.  I had to take it back to my car, or not see the game.  Ridiculous, isn’t it?

These are the things, I believe everyone, should consider.  I may get a permit, whether I decide to get a handgun or  not.  Some of my friends have been known to forget one of their guns in my vehicle.  If something were to happen and a police officer or game warden sees it…I’m busted for illegally carrying.  That is what my retired Sheriff told me.

One other thing, whether or not I decide to purchase a hand gun,  I do not think getting some training would hurt.  It might even help me make up my mind.

I will think these things through and decide if I want to even own a hand gun.  I have rifles, and shotguns, after all.

That Is How I See It.





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