Improper Police Chase Procedure

Just a couple of weeks ago I posted a story about the PROPER CHASE PROCEDURE.  In that post I told of how a police officer ceased his HOT PURSUIT, and called ahead to make the stop.  TODAY,  I am relaying a story just a couple of counties away from that pursuit.  Only this time the police did not radio ahead.  They continued the chase.  The outcome of that chase was not an ideal one.  

The officers involved deemed it more important to make a traffic stop, than to consider the consequences.  Instead of asking for help from fellow officers, they pursued the purported offender, without regard for the safety of John Q. Public.  This resulted in the death of two innocent females, unaware of the fate the police were driving   their way.  The pursued vehicle, crashed into the ladies.  Both were KILLED.

Yes killed may sound harsh but, that is what it is.  They died the same as if someone had shot them.  The SAME DEAD.

Now you may say the driver of the pursued vehicle is guilty of Vehicular Homicide, (or whatever the proper legal term is), as  a fact.  Had he or she, not chose to run, the ladies would still be alive.  BUT, we know that in this case there was an ABETTOR.   THE POLICE.   Had they not chosen to pursue, the ladies would have been alive.  Most likely the pursued would have slowed and not crashed into them.  They could have been stopped by use of the technology available now.  Chances are once they were away from the first attempted stop.thinking they had not broken any laws in that area, could have been stopped by any means, be it a controlled traffic jam, or a seatbelt checkpoint, which we have in this state.  

By continuing the chase, these officers are just as guilty, (in my mind), as the actual driver who collided with the ladies.  What will happen to them.  NOT A THING!  After all they ARE the POLICE, doing their job.  BUT WAIT,  isn’t it their JOB to SERVE AND PROTECT?  Does Serving and Protecting, include being a party to the death of innocent bystanders?  As I see it,  the police should face the same penalties.  Both parties had a hand in the deaths.  The Officer or Officers involved made an informed and conscious decision to put the public in danger by pursuing this vehicle.  There is a time when one must use some common sense.

A question we all must ask ourselves.  ARE, police above the law.  It would seem that way in so many ways.  (Which I will not go into here).  Not all Cops are included.  But where I live We have had cops not so inclined to behave ethically.  The new Police Chief, claims to be trying to correct this.  I must admit I have seen some progress that way.

That Is How I See It.


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