NCAA Rule Changes For 2015 Season

This post will be short and to the point.  Maybe too short to get anyone’s attention.

The NCAA is excited about their rule changes.

One change is the elimination of the 5 second closely guarded rule.  I am not sure when they added the closely guarded rule.   But in the days of REAL BASKETBALL.  There was no such rule.

Another change is the no touch rule.  EXCUSE me but that was a rule many years ago.  BASKETBALL, was meant to be a no contact sport.  I am not sure if they made a rule saying it was okay to grab and/or keep a hand on your opponent.  Or if they just decided not to enforce that rule. 

Some of the rules they don’t enforce are  PALMING THE BALL, TRAVEL, and I cannot tell you how many times I have seen DOUBLE DRIBBLES.   They talk of how much more control the  players have of the ball as they come down the court.  Let me explain as many of you don’t know how the rules WERE. 

Palming the ball is when the player puts his hand under the ball and turns it over as he dribbles.  Watch.  See how many times you see the players do this. You will see this when the ball handler is coming down the court, or executing a turn.

Travel is anytime you make 2 steps while holding the ball.  You are (or should I say were) allowed to move one foot as long as your pivot foot stayed anchored.  If, for any reason your pivot foot moved,  even a little slide.  YOU TRAVELED.

Double Dribble, Is anytime you either use both hands on the ball at the same time to dribble, or stop your dribble and then resume to dribble.  This infraction you will see most often when a player chases down a ball and may dribble it, until he clears the opposition.  He then will begin to dribble again.

NOW, if only we could get them to enforce the GOAL TENDING rule.  For those of you who do not know the definition of GOAL TENDING, this is it.  GOAL TENDING:  When a players hand or any body part enters the extended area directly above the rim.  (As far as I know there is no height limit here it extends higher than any player could reach.  AS YOU can see a DUNK is a direct violation of this rule.  Any DUNK you will see the players hand is inside this extended area.  Now not only is this a violation of the rule, It gives the OFFENSIVE DUNKER  an unfair advantage.  You see as a defender CANNOT  put his hand in the area.  Besides how much skill does it take for these 6’10” – over 7′ players to achieve this,  They either don’t have to jump, or maybe a little hop.   IF they want to allow this it should only be worth a single point.  Due to the low skill level to accomplish this shot.  Maybe less,  perhaps a half point.  After all it takes more skill to sink a free throw which only gets 1 point.

I know the thrill I felt when I dunked the ball, I never got called for it because if they watch me in warm up I could not touch the rim, (lead feet),  but with the adrenaline flowing during a close game, I could dunk the ball.  Go figure.

That Is How I See It.




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