NCAA March Madness 2016

What a thrilling ending to the 2016 edition of MARCH MADNESS. North Carolina probably wishing the could have waited a couple of seconds for their final shot.  I didn’t do so well.  I DID however pick a number two seed to win (Michigan State); BUT it was a number two seed which won.  So I have to give myself  a half credit (?).

It has been FUN.  I  plan to do this again next year.  Despite my troubles with CHROME.  It gave me fits in updating.  I would spend sometimes an hour updating just one bracket sheet.  Finally learned I had to clear my cache every time before I attempted to update anything.

Be sure to check back regularly.  I don’t have any idea what I will write about….. NO! wait I have some idea.  Maybe some racing history. (If I can find the notes I made a couple years ago.  Also…. who knows.

WELCOME TO OUR 2016 MARCH MADNESS.  I am not sure How many years we have been doing this.  I will have to look it up.  

This is where you can print your “OFFICE POOL” Bracket, Check the scores, etc.

I will have this “MASTER BRACKET”,  “WHAT IF YOU CHOSE THE HIGH PICKS”  for each game.  An “UPSET BRACKET”  (if the favored team wins it will be in Green, if it is an upset it will be listed in RED”.  And, Yes I will have my picks so you can compare your picks to mine. (And Laugh or Cry) 

What is a seed?  Merely a starting place.  Although unlikely, IT is possible for two 16 seeds to meet in the final game.  Would lets say Michigan St  were to be seeded as a number 16.  They would still have  to win all games to be CHAMPION !  

 SEEDING attempts to give a more favored team an easier path to the CHAMPIONSHIP.  Seeding should lead to  the best 2 teams playing in the final game.  However there  is always that upset minded team;  or  the chance that the favored team has a bad game, a stand out player is sick or injured.  I am reminded of one year in our STATE High School WRESTLING Tournament.  The Athletic Assn.  decided to go with a draw, rather than seeding.  The Result?  Two wrestlers with one defeat each faced each other in the first match.  Loser of a first round match goes home.  It was a 3 OT match.  One of these wrestlers went home, while wrestlers with more losses during the season advanced.  The winner of this match had no competition left.  Easy wins.  He won the CHAMPIONSHIP  that first match.  Not much excitement.

Reportedly there is a TEENAGE GIRL in Indiana who has only missed 3 games in this years bracket. She picked Texas over Northern Iowa.  California over Hawaii. Final game she had Syracuse over North Carolina.  Her Champion pick is……VILLANOVA.

She says she does not follow Basketball regularly and has only attended a game or two at her high school.      Maybe this is proof the rest of us over think some things

To  print BRACKET: Click on PRINT PDF button at top and select page with the bracket you want to print. ( If you do not see the “PRINT PDF” button.  Please go to the The Title “NCAA March Madness 2016”  and click to advance to the full post). 












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