NFL CONFIDENCE PICKS WEEK 14 12/08-11- 12/2016

RECAP WEEK 13:  Last week we  had no OT’s. No Ties. We did have 2 blow out games.  Both were PRIMETIME games. (What happened to  flexible scheduling? )  Sunday night the Seattle SEAHAWKS blew away the Carolina PANTHERS,  40-7.  33 Pt difference.  That is more than some teams scored, Heck, that is more some game totals.  The other was the romp of the Indianapolis COLTS over the New York Jets.  41-10.  I can remeber when these two teams were what I considered a real rivalry.  It didn’t matter whether the Jets Or Colts were having an outstanding season with the other having a mediocre to terrible season.  When the two teams met it was a toss up.

We are in crunch time now.  This week and only 3 more remain in regular season.  We saw Teams, SOME of the TOP teams KEY players suffer season ending injuries.  How will this play out.  If you go by my philosophy; NEXT man up should perform as well as the man he replaces, (Or real close to it).  That means little difference in the play.  IF THE COACH HAS DONE HIS JOB.  It takes time to adjust.  But a really good coach will have planned for something like this and worked THAT NEXT MAN UP enough with the team, there will be familiarity, and YES there will be a little difference.  Our Basketball coach always said “We have no STARTERS.  Every player has something to contribute”.  If we play a team that is, or has a player with a special gift, Any one of you may start if I feel you have WHAT we need to stop or slow it down.  So be prepared to start any game”.  

So, Yes due to talent levels, that INJURED player most likely has his SPECIAL talent and is the best on the team at that special job, has more game experience.  B-U-T, maybe the next up is only a tic away,  With maybe a little help from a team mate who happens to have a lighter assignment this week helps a little…..WHO knows.

For those of you who do not know how confidence ranking goes, let me explain.

If we were playing an office pool,(which we ARE NOT).  The object is to score the most points. To obtain the score YOU rank the teams by how confident you are a team will win its game.  EXAMPLE:  Say this week we have 16 games.  The team you are most confident will win you would assign the number 16 and follow down to the team you are least confident in and assign that number 1.   We use the Monday night game as a TIE BREAKER.  The tie is broke by the closest to the total (that is the COMBINED score of the two participating tams) final score, without going over.

If we were playing this is how my sheet would look;  My pick will be in bold Capital letters.  you can use circling, underlining, or highlighting.  I will show my correct points in Bold

YOU can adopt the scoring  described above.  Or, the optional method.  A  negative score for missed games.  We will continue to get a positive score for correct predictions.  EXAMPLE:   if you scored 1 pt on the first game and you had 15 pt on the second game and lost you would still have a Positive 1.  HOWEVER. with the same scenario new scoring system would result with a -14 score.

I will fill in my picks Thursday.  Until then feel free to:

Just copy and paste for your own Fun Pool Use.  Or to see if you can beat me.

IF YOU SEE I MADE A MISS COPY OF THE GAMES AND TIMES FEEL  FREE TO EMAIL ME AND TELL ME I GOOFED.                                                                                                                                                   * Keep in mind; NFL  sometimes uses, “FLEXIBLE SCHEDULEING”, which means they        may change game times.  Unless I catch the last minute change you will see the original schedule.




All Times EST

THURSDAY 12/08/16 20::25
 1 NBC   Raiders  13  @ CHIEFS  21 10 10/10
SUNDAY 12/11/16 13:00
 2 CBS
 STEELERS 27 @ Bills  20  5 15/15
 3 CBS
 Broncos 10  @ TITANS  13 1  16/16
 4 FOX
MOVED TO   14.25  
 5 FOX
REDSKINS 27 @ Eagles 22  2 18/18
 6 FOX
 Cardinals 23  @ DOLPHINS  26  3 21/21
FOX  Chargers 16 @ PANTHERS  28  4  25/25
BENGALS 23 @ Browns  10
12  37/37
FOX Bears 17  @ LIONS  20  16  53/53
10 CBS Texans 22  @ COLTS  17  13  53/40
11 FOX VIKINGS 25 @ Jaguars  16  11  64/51

  SUNDAY  12/11/16 16:05
12 CBS Jets 23  @ 49’ers 17 (OT)  6  64/45
 13 FOX
FALCONS 42 @ Rams  14 14 78/59
14 FOX SEAHAWKS 10  @ Packers  38 7 78/52
 FOX  Saints  11  @ BUCCANEERS  16  8  86/60
SUNDAY  12/11/16 20:30

 15 NBC COWBOYS  7 @ Giants  10  9  86/51

MONDAY  12/12/16 20:30
 16 ESPN Ravens  23  @ PATRIOTS  30  15  101/66
 GAMES   75%/25%
136  Pts. Pos    74%/49%
Tie Breaker (Monday 2 team total last game) 44
Actual Score  53
Points Off -9

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