NFL Confidence Picks WEEK 16 12/23,23,24,25/ 2017

Two more weeks of  regular NFL football season.  I watched  just one game this year.  If I wanted to support NON-AMERICANS ,  play games,  I would simply subscribe to foreign channels.  By Non-American I am really saying NON-PATRIOTS.  BUT…that is a part of living in this great nation.  IT IS THEIR RIGHT.  So long as they do not break the law.  HOWEVER they have INFRINGED upon my right to enjoy what was once my enjoyment of the game.  The SPINELESS OWNERS and COMMISSIONER,  who chose not to enforce, POLICY/RULES.  I have made it through this year.  Maybe next year I won’t watch any games again.  Or EVER.  Baseball is one game I have not missed since the season of the BIG STRIKE.  (Except 1 game).   NBA has nothing to offer since they have changed all the RULES.  (Allowing Palming the ball, Not counting Steps as travelling,  Offensive Goal Tending).  I was watching a clip of Michael Jordan.  He dribbled 6 times bringing the ball down the court,  taking a couple steps each time he palmed, (placing the hand under the ball between dribbles, and taking at least 2 steps.  I also counted a MINIMUM of 4 steps before OFFENSIVE GOAL TENDING, [slam dunk, which allows the hand to occupy the imaginary area above the rim, {NOTE:  Defensive players are not allowed in this area}.  I am rapidly running out of sports.  Maybe Austrailan Rules Football will gain popularity here.   AND TOTALLY FORGET SOCCER.  I  am only talking about sports here.  ICE HOCKEY I can enjoy, Maybe I will start watching more of it.  I may find it has unpatriotic players too.  Have to check it out.  

As for Olympians:  Never think you are playing for the President or anyone but yourself, and your Country.  (Few successful American Olympians are not quite well off financially.  So you see they are playing for their own selves,  representing your Country is merely a side affect).


You can skip this part if you want. NON SPORTS RELATED 

Most of the RETIREES on Social Security I have spoken with, once again,  are going in the hole with the so-called “RAISE”,  The government claimed to give them.  Everyone I spoke to either get a smaller check or stay where they have been for many years now.  The RAISE”, was eaten up in Medicare payments.   The increased deductible, etc.

Imagine if you will paying a portion of your check into a non-interest bearing retirement fund for 50 years.  Your money would buy more when you invested it, than it will now.  Imagine if you have not had a real raise for several years.  Your employee insurance does not cover a great deal of your medical expenses,  NO MORE Dental,  “but you need dental work, all out of your pocket.  You have to pay 15% of what you bring home for INSURANCE to cover the costs not covered by the employee insurance.

EXAMPLE:  YOUR GROSS PER WEEK  $295 –(insurance) $32 =$263(deductible$43= $220(co-insurance to pick up what original insurance does not cover) $116= $104. Now subtract Dental, Vision, (I just got new glasses, cost me $1180).  Utility bills, FOOD, Home/renters Insurance, Home Maintenance, Transportation costs, (Fares, gas, Insurance for  auto,  Maintenance, etc). Prescriptions not covered,  Entertainment? And let’s not forget the little Over The Counter medicines, aspirin, cold, flu, allergy, etc.  Gifts for your childeren, spouse, parents?  How are you doing?  OH yes I did forget SHELTER, didn’t I.  WHAT CAN YOU GIVE UP???  Pets, If you live alone, you really need a pet.

I know some of you are saying “YOU should have saved some of your own income for retirement”.   I know people who did.  However They lost a lot in the “RECESSION”  pre -2009.  The cut backs.  Jobs lost due to closures.  I know of one person who has 2 bachelor degrees, 2 masters, degrees, and 2 doctorals.  After 25 years in his field, (too young for SS).  Applied for an entry level job. Actually below entry level, ( in his field.  Was told, “Sorry you don’t meet the minimum requirements”.  In reality they were telling him TOO OLD.  But since that would be discrimination…. Had to live on that savings for 8 years, until reaching SS retirement.  Either OVER/UNDER qualified.  

Truthful now could you do it. 



After last year’s installment of the STAR WARS saga,  I was ready to give it up.  ROUGUE ONE, was the ABSOLUTE WORST of all Star wars movies.  Pushing to worst movie of all time. I really did not want to pay that money if I was going to sleep through most of it, as I did Rougue One.

  A friend talked me into going (They paid). I was amazed how Last Jedi, returned to the greatness of past Star Wars.  The story line was much more coherent, the cinemagraphics, was a GIANT leap, from Rougue One.   The actors did not seem to be forcing lines, as they did in Rougue One.  The use of 3-D excellent, (Rougue One, I had to keep checking to assure myself the movie really was 3-D).   Even went out of the theater to be sure I was in the correct one.  I was. 

By taking in a Noon showing on Sunday, it was like a private showing, only 17 of us in the theater.  Goodrich Quality Theaters offered a Tuesday showing, (not 3-D) to loyalty members for $5.  If not for prior commitments I would have watched it again.

5 stars for 3-D version.  Highly recommend this one for all Star Wars fans.


For those of you who do not know how confidence ranking works, let me explain.

If we were playing an office pool,(which we ARE NOT).  The object is to score the most points. To obtain the score YOU rank the teams by how confident you are a team will win its game.  EXAMPLE:  Say this week we have 16 games.  The team you are most confident will win you would assign the number 16 and follow down to the team you are least confident in and assign that number 1.   We use the Monday night game(last game) as a TIE BREAKER.  The tie is broken by the closest to the total (that is the COMBINED score of the two participating teams) final score, without going over.

If we were playing this is how my sheet would look;  My pick will be in bold Capital letters.  you can use circling, underlining, or highlighting.  I will show my correct points in Bold

YOU can adopt the scoring  described above.  Or, the optional method.  A  negative score for missed games.  We will continue to get a positive score for correct predictions.  EXAMPLE:   if you scored 1 pt on the first game and you had 15 pts on the second game and lost you would still have a Positive 1.  HOWEVER. with the same scenario new scoring system would result with a -14 score.

I will fill in my picks Thursday.  Until then feel free to:

Just copy and paste for your own Fun Pool Use.  Or to see if you can beat me.




NOTE: Flexible Scheduling     NO THURSDAY GAME  

                                                         2 GAMES SATURDAY

All Times EST 

SATURDAY 12/23/17 16:30
1 NFL Colts @ Ravens
SATURDAY 12/23/17 20:30
2 NBC Vikings @ Packers
SUNDAY 11/24/17 13:00 
3 FOX Lions @ Bengals
4 CBS Dolphins @ Chiefs
5 CBS   Bills @  Patriots
6 CBS  Browns @  Bears
7 FOX  Buccaneers @  Panthers
8 FOX Falcons @  Saints
9 CBS  Broncos @ Redskins
10  FOX Rams @ Titans
11 CBS Chargers @ Jets
SUNDAY 11/24/17 16:05
12 CBS Jaguars 11/24/17 @ 49’ers
SUNDAY 11/24/17 16:25
13 FOX Seahawks  @ Cowboys
14 FOX Giants @ Cardinals
MONDAY 12/25/17 16:30
15 NBC  Steelers @ Texans
MONDAY 12/25/17  20:30
 16 ESPN Raiders @ Eagles

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