Parkland High School Shooting Thoughts

While putting together my thoughts on the recent tragedy in Florida.  I had many things flash through this feeble mind.

We had the shock of another terrible loss of young lives.  We had the “STUDENT ACTOR”.  We had the Scripted Interviews.  We had the usual MEDIA SPIN.  We had the Anti Gunners.  We had the Pro-Gunners.  We had the Sheriff’s men who failed to enter the school.

So let us look at these things. First the Shooter.  Had he not lost his parents at such a tender age, would he not have acted the way he did.  It appears that his adoptive family, noticed he was troubled.  According to reports the local constabulary, even the FBI, had concerns about the mental/emotional stability of Nineteen (19) year old Nikolas Cruz, EVEN the school personnel had concerns. They expelled him.  I have not read or heard anything where these people tried to get him help.  Had they tried to get him help, would it have possibly  detoured this terrible event.  Probably, maybe not.  We don’t know.  BUT, it would have been worth a try.  Should he have had guns.  Given his  background reports we have seen; NO! BUT, there is always a but;  I believe this to be where the LAW should have impounded his guns, until further investigation, and psychic evaluation was attained.  BUT, WAIT !  He did have grenades. Where did these come from?  I am sure they are harder to get than guns. Aren’t they?  Seems they should be.

Now the student and  teacher population of this School. It is always a bad sign for our future when innocent young people needlessly lose their lives.  Seventeen, 17, lives.   I would not want my children exposed to this.  Nor to the pain of those who were at the school or worse witnessed the unfortunate incident. I know of no Teacher who leaves for school thinking I may be killed at work today.  Who knows what emotional and/or mental damage may have been done.

We all know the MEDIA, has a penchant to SLANT the news the way they want it. How many times have you watched political events, or anything, only to have the NEWS MEDIA, say Now let US tell you what you really heard”.  ?  I remember learning in grade school, then having my newspaper editor reinforce.  A reporter tells WHOis in the story. WHATis the story. WHEN, the event occurred.  WHYdid the event occur.   The WHY becomes the gray area.  You have heard of sport team announcers getting fired because they said something the OWNER found to be derogatory to the team.  Players get fined, for the same thing.  It most probably is TRUE.  BUT, are contrary to what the BOSS wants. The same is true with reporters, They may disagree with management, BUT(see here it is again; I wonder how many times I will use it today),  THEIR JOB maybe on the line.  Some may simply state their opinions, (NOT FACTS), In other words they EDITORIALIZE.  

NOTE:  Editorialize is what I do.  After all this BLOG is for MY OPINIONS.  I share them with you as MY opinions.  Not hardcore news.  (See the difference)

Is the media above scripting interviews. NO happens quite often.

Are the anti-gunners above hiring actors to further their propaganda.  SURE ARE.  How about the Pro-gunners.  Could be.  Probably do.  But I prefer to think They would be ABOVE taking advantage of such an event as this.

One thing ANTI-GUNNERS are quick to point out is “Law enforcement is only a call  away”In this case they were just OUTSIDE the door.  THEY WERE A LOT OF HELP.  Had teachers been able to have guns….Would that have altered the outcome?  Hard to tell.  I am not sure I would be able to pull the trigger.  I think I would be more inclined to pull that trigger to protect someone else (KIDS) than I would be to protect myself.  BUT, I am sure if it was him or me, I would choose ME.  What I am saying is; if it were just me and him, I would most likely not go hunt him.  BUT, if he came hunting for me.  DEFINITELY ME.

Back to the Law Enforcement Officers.  YOU CANNOT COUNT ON THEM.  My own experience.

1. I had a motorcycle stolen off my front porch.  I called the police.  I was told;  “ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS IF THEY SAW ANYTHING”.  ” COME TO THE STATION AND FILL OUT  A REPORT”.  

2. My High School son was threatened that he would be shot when he walked out of the school, (a disagreement about a girl),  I called the cops.  I was told, “Just one of those teenage things.  You probably should pick him up and take him home after school”.

3. I had my Mustang convertible top slashed, the dash destroyed. My truck window smashed and the stereos stolen from both.  Witnesses knew who did it.  The Cops knocked on the culprits door, and said, “Did you steal those radios’? He said, “No”.  The cops said okay.  That was all there was to it.

4. While watching a friends property while he was away.  One of his relatives called said he had received a threat of vandalism to the property at some time soon.  I called our local County Mounties.  “It will be some time before we can get there”, they said.  It took me about a half hour to get there.  No damage yet.  One (1) hour passed.  No County Mounties.  After waiting another half hour, I called again. “We haven’t dispatched anyone to that location yet”

Yeah. Right.  The Law is only a few minutes away.   HA,HA.

The Right to Bear Arms is a constitutional right.  A Right that state shall not be infringed upon.  That means NO ONE can stop you from legally owning or carrying a gun.  There have been exceptions made.  Felons, people with a misdemeanor of domestic battery, mental disorders, or if so adjudicated by a judge.

Driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a constitutional right.  It is easier to buy a car, drive a car, license a car.  Don’t get me wrong I love driving my TRUCK and MOTORCYCLE.  I appreciate the privilege.  BUT, it is not a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.  You can drive a car in any state with your state issued drivers license, BUT, you cannot carry your legally licensed gun in any state.  ?????  Why does this not make sense?

Lets look at some statistics.

1. Automobile deaths 2017 ______________ 40,100

2. Drunk driver death 2017______________ 10,585

3. Gun Deaths            2017_____________  15,559    

    Because Cops are “Licensed to Kill” (I say it this way because they do not have to follow the regulations citizens do to justify shootings). lets SUBTRACT this number from GUN DEATHS . 15,559- 1,129=14,430   

Police officers killed 1,129 people in 2017.  Which is More than soldiers Killed in action AROUND THE GLOBE.  Cops killed more Americans in 2017 than terrorists did.  They killed more citizens than airplanes worldwide. They killed more citizens than airplanes  mass shooters, and Chicago’s “top gang thugs”.

Another interesting fact. Since 2007 there is a recorded 173 deaths by AR15s.  BUT, 200 deaths by……Lawnmower.  Maybe we should have LAWNMOWER CONTROL ADVOCATES.

Yet only 12 officers were charged with a crime related to a shooting death.

The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for 2016 shows more than four times as many people were stabbed to death than were killed with rifles of any kind.

And because the category of rifles covers every type of rifle, this means there would be an even greater divide between the number of people stabbed to death versus those shot to death with an AR-15 or similar rifle. Approximately 374 people shot and killed with rifles of any kind. People killed with “knives or cutting instruments were 1,604 people killed with “knives or cutting instruments. While  roughly 656 people were beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.

Then we have Explosives, poison, Arson, etc.  If Cruz could get hold of grenades, how many others can get hold of them.  Bombs, it seems would be plentiful, and appears easy to make.  A bomb would seem to be safer for the assailant.  Walk in drop a bomb, disappear.  How can the government control them.

I suppose it is a mere coincidence that most of these shootings take place in a “GUN FREE ZONE”  I have a question for any of you Lawyers out there.  Can my survivors SUE these “GUN FREE ZONE” places if I get killed there.  When we go to certain movie theaters, or sporting arenas they have a sign on the door that says NO GUNS”  I have asked what provisions they have made to protect me during my sometimes mile walk to see the game or 2 block walk to the movie house.  After all they are essentially denying me a means of protection.  They should shoulder the responsibility of assuring my safe arrival and return.

In closing I would like to say the system in place is not perfect.  Law Enforcement, Military, and other entities fail to notify the proper authorities of questionable people who may be excluded through the NICS check.   There appears to be lax laws when people are found with stolen guns, or are not licensed.  I am all for handgun licensing.  BUT, I can remember a simpler time when we rarely locked our doors, left the keys in our cars.  At 7 years old I could buy a rifle and ammo.   It seems this all went away when our government took GOD out of our schools and parents stopped taking their children to church. Our Supreme misinterpreted  the part of the Constitution regarding separation of State and Church.  The meaning of this is quite clear.  It meant Government could not mandate a religion.  Meaning you must be a member of this church to live in this state.   Example Pennsylvania founded by Quakers.  You must be a Quaker to live in Pennsylvania.  I can’t say that ever happened, BUT, that was what the intent was.

I Want to ask all of you who are pro-gun rights to BOYCOTT these companies who have withdrawn support from NRA.

1. Delta Airlines

2. United Airlines

3. Enterprise Holdings,   Enterprise, Alamo,  National    Car Rentals

4. Hertz

5. Avis   Budget

6. Symantec     LifeLock Norton

7. True Car

8. Met Life

9. Simpli Safe

10. First Bank Of Omaha

This is my opinion.  As I see it.

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