AFTER reviewing the video posted on :  https://www.yahoo.com/news/florida-gunman-not-charged-killing-151300042.htm  (Be aware these types of videos are sometimes pulled shortly after being posted so if you don’t find it here you can probably search for it and find it  somewhere.

STAND YOUR GROUND allows a person to use deadly force if they believe they are in MORTAL DANGER.  

I see this as a Murder case.  I am not saying pre-meditated.  I don’t think he went there with the intent of killing or even harming anyone.  But still some type of Murder charge should be filed.   Although the sheriff’s dept  did not.  

As you can see the one man is down.  Draws his weapon.  The slain man backs away.  At this point the potential danger is subsiding.  Had the slain man taken even one step toward the downed man.  I could see this as being perceived as aggressive behavior.  HOWEVER; The step was in a retreating line.  At that point in time there was no immediate danger to the downed man.

I can not say what state of mind the downed man was in.  Obviously he was agitated state of mind.  Probably not thinking clearly at the time.  (Which I think should be considered in evidence presented in his defense).

BUT; I do not think that is grounds for   STAND YOUR GROUND.

I am a SECOND AMENDMENT advocate.  Which also means I do approve the  prudent  use  of guns for self defense.  I do support     STAND YOUR GROUND.  

I do not think this instance falls under STAND YOUR GROUND.  

Yes the man should not have shoved the other person down.  HE should have just stepped in between his girl friend and the other party.

Of course I am not a florida resident.  ( I know i didn’t capitalize the “F” I am not a florida fan.  Drove there spent 5 hours at our destination and have had no desire to return.  In fact for me to return it would cost them $1 million a day plus expenses)  How they interpret their laws is up to them.


Just learned this not the first confrontation the downed man had at this location.

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