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Recent events have shown WHY I have this belief.

Was Donald Trump my first choice for President of United States. NO!

However given the choice between Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton ( a proven anti American candidate), there was little choice. I figure women voted for her because of their desire to have a WOMAN President. Then you have those people (of both parties) Who will vote for a candidate because he/she is of a certain party. If Hitler were alive and nominated for a political office there is NO doubt he would get the vote of those hard line PARTY MEMBERS.

I do not think Donald Trump believed he had a chance to become President. And was really taken off guard when he got the nomination and then actually WON. Had the democratic party chosen an able candidate I may have voted for that one. However given the record of Barack Obama, IT would have been difficult to justify any DEMOCRATIC candidate.. I could write volumes about how Obama wasted eight years of being a very powerful person. (I did like that he appeared to to LOVE basketball). I could also fill volumes of why I feel Ms. Clinton is anti-American. Let me say that I was no fan of Republican Ronald Reagan, or H.W. Bush.

Now on to my POST.

As I see it TOO MANY OF YOU HAVE BECOME FOLLOWERS. You will sit there and watch a speech or a video account of something and RATHER, Than believe what YOU hear or see. YOU believe the editorialized version you receive from the MEDIA. We have so few NEWS “REPORTERS”. What we have are…” NEWS EDITORIALIZERS” They do not “REPORT NEWS” . THEY merely give you their version. (Or their boss”s version). I have seen many LIVE speeches given by Mr. Trump. Only to see the news version which has been edited. Omitting even a word or two can change the entire meaning. This is one trick they use to convince you to believe their way.

I find it hard to believe the majority of DEMOCRATS are being truly represented by the people they elected. (Some Republicans are the same). It just seems that the DEMOCRATS now in office have no LOGICAL THINKING ABILITY. (I am one who relies on LOGIC more than not.


Let us look upon Nancy Pelosi. A person totally void of LOGIC. I know for a fact that Mr. Trump tried in earnest to negotiate with her on the wall deal. But Pelosi (being one minded), refused to try to negotiate. (NEGOTIATE: TO DEAL OR BARGAIN WITH ANOTHER OR OTHERS IN THE PREPARATION OF A TREATY OR CONTRACTIN PRELIMINARIES TO A BUSINESS DEAL). Example: If you are wanting a raise in wages. Say you are really wanting a dollar an hour raise, or if on salary you want a $5000 a year raise. Do you go to your boss and say I want a dollar an hour more. He will com back and say I will give you a quarter and hour and somehow you reach an agreement between his offer of a quarter and your asking one dollar. No you go in and ask for say $2 an hour raise through negotiation you agree to the dollar raise ( or near it), you get your raise the boss feels he has saved $1 an hour. You both are pleased. BUT If you go to the boss and say I want to negotiate a raise. The boss says NO I won’t discuss a raise. Thus you have no negotiations.

That is exactly what Ms Pelosi told Mr. Trump. So he did what you and I would do and walked out.


Ms. Pelosi has her own agenda and thinks she is the sole charge of USA. An ego trip if you will. She is not interested in representing the majority of democrats, She is merely trying to make a name for herself. The name she is making I personally would hate to have. I know MANY Democrats whho have tuned her out and are ashamed to admit they are Democrats. People who have been Democrats for SIXTY to SEVENTY years.


Now let’s move to this wall thing. Jim Acosta a CNN reporter was walking along a portion of wall and telling everyone the wall was not needed. After all the businesses behind that wall were all doing well and no trouble with people illegally crossing ACCROSS the border. FROM BEHIND THE WALL..

Did you see the interview of the tthree ranchers whose ranches are along the border? One rancher tells of 2 million illegal crossings on his property and tearing down his fences. (I think that number could have been stretched a little), BUT they are entering our country illegally.. Another tells of 38 trucks coming across with illegal guns to be sold in our USA. Another tells of truckloads of drugs crossing onto his ranch. The third tells of even more truckloads of drugs, crossing over his ranch.


Ms. Pelosi and her comrade Schumer seem to go blind to these things. She claims we need “MORE GUN CONTROLS”; BUT ! Pretends there are illegal guns coming ILLEGALLY, into the USA.. Not to mention, in this day of “IDENTITY THEFT, HOW many of these illegal trespassers are using good citizens identities to obtain “ LEGAL GUNS”.


As to PRESIDENT TRUMP stating he could have not used his power to accelerate the building of the WALL, (I personally don’t like the idea of a wall ….BUT). To delay the inevitable is like shutting the barn door after the horse is out. Lets curb these illegal activities as quickly as possible. It makes LOGICAL sense.

To close I am going to address this myth about gun control. Saturday February 16, 2019 in Aurora Illinois, a state with very rigid gun laws; a man A man killed 5 people and wounded 6 police officers. The state issued him a Firearms Owners Identification Card . This card is required for a citizens of Illinois to buy a firearm. WHEN APPLYING for his CARRY PERMIT during his fingerprinting and background check: it was discovered he had a FELONY CONVICTION, in Mississippi in 1995. A FELONY CONVICTION I is an automatic rejection. But for some reason the state of Illinois chose to issue him this permit. WHEN they recognized the error they REQUESTED him to turn in his gun. (Which he did not). It seems to me the state should have WENT to him and seized his gun. That is what the state I live in would have done. (let me add here the shooter had 6 arrests in Aurora alone), so he was known to the police there.


So this example shows you can have all the GUN CONTROL LAWS you want. It don’t mean a thing if you do not enforce the basic ones. Criminals will always have guns, ammunition and the largest magazine they can find. THEY ARE CRIMINALS, the law means nothing to them. In short all the gun control laws do is penalize the honest citizen.


I know this is too logical for people like Ms. Pelosi who think Guns is the problem. It is not GUN CONTROL is what the holder of the gun has. What Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer are looking for is the first step in controlling the Citizenry. All dictatorships take away the guns of the people first, so they can not fight back. .

Ms Pelosi is acting very immaturely when she says: Well Mr. President if you are going to build your wall against my wishes I AM GOING after your guns.


If the government can guarantee me and put up a MILLION Dollars for each of my family members in the event I am shot then can control my gun. If they can do the same in the event the USA is invaded and I will not fall under the enemies control they can have my gun.

I suppose it is only a coincidence that most mass shooting occur in “GUN FREE ZONE” events and Buildings,etc. Hmm…. No guns I have a gun I am in control here. BUT what if they have guns I could get hurt or killed. Better not go there.



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