NFL CONFIDENCE PICKS WEEK 1 09/05-08-09/2019

Welcome to our 7 th year of NFL CONFIDENCE PICKS  !!!!!

This also marks the 100 th SEASON OF THE NFL!!

Believe it or not NFL has hit the Century Mark.  100 years of Professional Football History.

For those of you who are new here. This is  how confidence ranking goes, let me explain.

If we were playing an office pool,(which we ARE NOT).  The object is to score the most points. To obtain the score YOU rank the teams by how confident you are a team will win its game.  EXAMPLE:  Say this week we have 16 games.  The team you are most confident will win you would assign the number 16 and follow down to the team you are least confident in and assign that number 1.   You add up the TOTAL CORRECT PICKS.. That would be your score.  We use the Monday night (Last game played) as a TIE BREAKER.  The tie is broken by the closest to the total (that is the COMBINED score of the two participating teams) final score, without going over.

YOU can adopt the scoring  described above.  Or, the optional method.  A  negative score for missed games.  We will continue to get a positive score for correct predictions.  EXAMPLE:   if you scored     1 pt on the first game and you had 15 pts on the second game and lost you would still have  1 pt.

1.  HOWEVER. with the same scenario new scoring system would result with a –14 score

If we were playing this is how my sheet would look;  My pick will be in bold Capital letters.  you can use circling, underlining, or highlighting.  I will show my correct points in Bold

I will fill in my picks Thursday.  Until then feel free to:

Just copy and paste for your own Fun Pool Use.  Or to see if you can beat me.



Rule changes and point of EMPHASIS will only appear here this one time.  I will try to put them on a separate post with a link to that post on future weeks.

So if you don’t want to read these changes just page down to the bracket.

Here is a list of the rule changes, as I understand them.

Rule changes and point of EMPHASIS will only appear here this one time.  I will put them on a separate post with a link to that post on future weeks.

So if you don’t want to read these changes just page down to the bracket.

Here is a list of the rule changes, as I understand them.



Beginning in 2019, both offensive and defensive pass interference calls are reviewable. Plays can be reviewed whether the penalty was called on the field or not. This rule change is subject to a one-year trial period.

A pass interference ruling will be changed in replay only when there is clear and obvious visual evidence that the on-field ruling was incorrect. To change the ruling on the field, there must be clear and obvious evidence that contact “significantly hindered” or “did not significantly hinder” an opponent. See full details on the 2019 replay rule here.


Owners voted to expand protection of defenseless players by eliminating the blindside block. It is now prohibited for a blocker to initiate forcible contact with his head, shoulder or forearm when his path is toward or parallel to his own end line. The penalty for an illegal blindside block is a loss of 15 yards and an automatic first down.


Owners voted to make permanent the kickoff rules changes that were implemented in 2018. The restrictions resulted in a 35% decrease in concussions on kickoff plays when compared to the 2017 season.

2019 NFL kickoff rules.

Here are the NFL kickoff rules:

  • The kickoff team must have five players on each side of the ball and cannot line up more than one-yard from the restraining line. For example, the kicking team will line up at the 34-yard line for a kickoff from the 35-yard line.
  • At least two players must be lined up outside the yard-line number and two players between the inbounds lines (hash marks) and the yard-line number.
  • At least eight players of the receiving team must be lined up in the 15-yard “setup zone” prior to kickoff; only three receiving-team players can remain outside of the setup zone.
  • No wedge blocks are permitted. A wedge block is defined as “two or more players intentionally aligning shoulder-to-shoulder within two yards of each other, and who move forward together in an attempt to block for the runner.”
  • Double-team blocks can only be performed by members of the receiving team who were originally lined up in the set-up zone at the time of the kick.
  • Until the ball is touched or hits the ground, no player on either the receiving or kicking team may block within the 15-yard area from the kicking team’s restraining line. On an onside kick, the kicking team may not block in the first 10 yards.
  • The ball is dead if it is not touched by the receiving team and touches the ground in the end zone (touchback).


In addition to pass interference, owners voted to expand the number of plays subject to booth reviews to include:

  • If a penalty flag is thrown that would negate a touchdown, the play will be reviewed first to determine if there was a score before the defense elects to enforce the foul.
  • All two-point conversion reviews will now be initiated by the Replay Official. The plays are no longer challengeable by a coach. This is true regardless of the call on the field.

Other rules changes for 2019 include:


Beginning in 2019, only players in uniform may enter the field to celebrate. If anyone other than a player in uniform enters the field, it is a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct — loss of 15 yards and an automatic first down.


Owners voted to expand the authority of game officials to disqualify players for acts committed during a game. In 2018, designated members of the officiating team could disqualify a player for non-football acts (such as unsportsmanlike conduct) if a flag was thrown related to that act. In 2019, this will be expanded to also include any football act.


The offense may now apply any penalties committed by the defense to either the ensuing kickoff or to the succeeding extra point or two-point conversion plays.



The Officiating Department will continue to emphasize the Use of Helmet rule adopted in 2018.

Video Rulebook: Use of Helmet

The officiating standards for the Use of Helmet rule are:

  • Lowering the head (not to include bracing for contact)
  • Initiating contact with the helmet to any part of an opponent. Contact does not have to be to an opponent’s head or neck area — lowering the head and initiating contact to an opponent’s torso, hips, and lower body, is also a foul.
  • Making contact on an opponent (both offense and defense)

Players can be ejected for Use of Helmet fouls — and all ejections will be reviewed by senior officials in Art McNally GameDay Central in New York. The standards for ejection are, if:

  • The player lowers his helmet to establish a linear body posture prior to initiating and making contact with the helmet;
  • The player delivering the blow had an unobstructed path to his opponent;
  • The contact was clearly avoidable

The Committee is in support of issuing warning letters for any Use of the Helmet fouls in the interior line or where there is little space between players.


Offensive holding will be more strictly enforced this season, particularly on the back side of the run play or line of scrimmage. Referees will closely monitor play at the line of scrimmage to ensure that offensive players do not materially restrict opponents or alter the defender’s path or angle of pursuit.

Material restrictions include but are not limited to:

  1. grabbing or tackling an opponent
  2. hooking, jerking, twisting, or turning him
  3. pulling him to the ground.

(Rules from

We, again, are at the mercy of NFL Flexible scheduling.  Which means some games on our schedule may be changed.  We will try to catch the changes in time to update the pick sheet

BELOW  is a link to to explanation of FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING

Mobile users:  To see entire post;  SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE AND SELECT “MOBILE..”

(All Times AST or erroneously known as EDT)

THUR   09/05/19 20:20
1 NBC  Packers  10 @  BEARS 3 6 0/6
SUNDAY  09/08/19  13:00
2 FOX RAMS 30 @ Panthers 27 4 4/2
3 FOX Redskins 27 @ EAGLES 32 16 20/14
4 CBS Bills 17 @ JETS 16 5 20/9
5 FOX Falcons 12 @ VIKINGS 28 8 28/17
6 CBS RAVENS 59 @ Dolphns 10 13 41/30
7 CBS CHIEFS 40 @ Jaguars 26 7 48/37
8 CBS Titans 43 @ BROWNS 13 9 48/38
SUNDAY 09/08/19  16:05
9 CBS Colts 24 @ CHARGERS 30 11 59/49
10 CBS Bengals 20 @ SEAHAWKS 21 15 74/64
SUNDAY 09/08/19  16:25
11 FOX 49’ers 31 @ BUCCANEERS 17 1 74/63
12 FOX Giants 17 @ COWBOYS 35 12 86/75
13 FOX LIONS 27 @ Cardinals 27(OT) 3 86/75
SUNDAY 09/08/19  20:20
14 NBC 


3 @ PATRIOTS 33 10 96/85
MONDAY 09/09/19  19:10
15 ESPN Texans 28 @ SAINTS 30 14 110/99
MONDAY 09/09/19 22:20
16 ESPN Broncos 16 @ RAIDERS 24 2 112/101
Points Possible 136 82%/75%
Tie Break (Total score Last Game) 44
Total 40
Points Off -4

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