Non-Politics View of Biden Presidency

As I have stated many times in my posts.  I AM NOT REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT I have no political allegiance.  THERE IS NO ROOM FOR POLITICS IN GOVENMENT.  

My Observations during my life span is that POPULAR PRESIDENTS are the ones who do nothing   UNPOPULAR PRESIDENTS are the ones who DO something.  

The last 4 years we had an unpopular president. (As seen by the MEDIA), Right or Wrong President Trump tried to do something.  However he was faced by a Democrat packed HOUSE.  Unlike any I have seen.  They were SO disappointed of not SEATING Hillary Clinton, (which would have been a disaster for our Good Old USA.   (My opinion).   They never had time to do anything for “US”. The ONLY AGENDA  on their 4 year shift; was to undercut the “REPUBLICAN” , who defeated their Dear Hillary.  It didn’t matter if it were  Donald Trump, or you, or I who defeated H.R. Clinton.    The agenda would have still been the same. Undercut the person who won out over her.  

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I did not agree with everything, our President said or did.  But he TRIED to some good things.  Only to meet opposition.  In fact I would have voted for Biden; had he been the Democratic candidate rather than Clinton.

This year was different.  I found Biden to be somewhat  INDECISIVE.  It is  MY OPINION  The Democrats are using him as a pawn, to advance their Socialistic views. (As in Union Soviet SOCIALIST Republic). 

The “HOUSE”, has already began laying the foundation to remove Biden from office.  Remember when the PELOSI FAMILY” was plotting to make it so THE HOUSE”, could declare the President “UNFIT ?

My personally conducted “STRAW  POLL” , came to the following  conclusion:  Biden is given at most 1 year as President, before the HOUSE begins the procedure to deem him UNFIT.  Thereby achieving their immediate goal of a WOMAN PRESIDENT.  

hope I am wrong.  I hope Biden will wake up and see how the Democrats intend to use him, and actually accomplishes something. I hope I am wrong about the plot of the  PELOSI  FAMILY”.

That is HOW I SEE IT!

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