This is where you can print your “OFFICE POOL” Bracket, Check the scores, etc.

Yes I will have “MY PICKS” so you can compare your picks to mine. (And Laugh or Cry)I will have A “MASTER BRACKET”,  “WHAT IF YOU CHOSE THE HIGH PICKS”  for each game.  Yes I will have MY PICKS.

.An “UPSET” will be RED on “ALL HIGH PICKS”  Bracket.  GREEN indicate HIGH SEED Win

What is a seed?  Merely a starting place.  Although unlikely, IT is possible for two 16 seeds to meet in the final game.  Would lets say Michigan St  were to be seeded as a number 16.  They would still have  to win all games to be CHAMPION !

SEEDING attempts to give a more favored team an easier path to the CHAMPIONSHIP.  Seeding should lead to  the best 2 teams playing in the final game.  However there  is always that upset minded team;  or  the chance that the favored team has a bad game, a stand out player is sick or injured.

To  print BRACKET:  HOVER OVER SHEET.  You will see a window at bottom with an arrow pointing down (second from right).  Click this button.  It will open a new window with the bracket then click the printer icon or go to file,  and PRINT.

The NCAA has named replacement teams in the event any team is unable to start the tournament due to COVID-19.  The 4 teams are Louisville, Colorado State, St. Louis and Mississippi.  These teams were the first 4 to miss the cut.  After Tournament starts there will be no replacements.  Any team deemed unable to play will be considered a “NO CONTEST” , and team still able to play will automatically advance.

Tournament may have to have to switch days the East Region and Midwest Region play their Sweet 16 games.  If number 6 seed BYU advances to SWEET SIXTEEN.  The reason is; the East Region is scheduled to play on Sunday March 28.   BYU being a Mormon, (Latter Day Saints), have a strict rule of not playing games on SUNDAY.  Out of respect for the religion NCAA has agreed to switch the 2 Play dates. 


Oregon advances with no contest.  VCU Covid-19

  1. Was it just me or did UCLA Coach Mick Cronin,  have a surprised look on his face after defeating Michigan St.

Six Referees sent home from Tournament.  COVID-19 related. 

I have to think Texas Tech Coach Chris Beard lost the chance for his team to advance.  Why did he leave his team playing the last couple of minutes as if they had a 10 point lead.  Letting them play a stall tactic, instead of attacking the basket.  The momentum of the game was on their side.  WHY?  I’m sure Coach Beard had his reasons.  We may never understand his thinking at that time; even if we know.

I would like to see the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME played between UCLA; because they have come the farthest starting the tournament as a play in game.   AND Baylor,  because they have waited 61 years to return to the FINAL FOUR  Then I would like to see Baylor win the whole thing.  They are so long overdue. 

The Baylor team last played in Championship game in 1948, getting beat by Kentucky, (who won their first championship), 58-42 at Madison Square Garden.


Baylor in first FINAL FOUR  since 1950.

Gonzaga’s last trip to the FINAL FOUR was in 2017.

UCLA last appeared in Final Four in 2008. (Their 3rd consecutive appearance).

Houston last made the FINAL FOUR in 1984. Star players that year were Ralph Sampson, Clyde Drexler, and Hakeem Olajuwon

Arkansas 1st Elite appearance since 1995

Oregon St advances to ELITE 8.  After 39 year absence.

St Louis mascot is called a Billiken.  A Billiken is a mythical “Good Luck Figure. ”    To see image of Billiken scroll to bottom of page.

 Wisconsin snaps Roy Williams’ 29-0 first round winning streak.

Oral Roberts University becomes 2nd, 15 in Tournament history to reach SWEET 16. The only other 15 seed was FGCU, (Florida Gulf Coast University), in 2013







Warning !  Do not look at MY PICKS.  please?



My Cinderella team Pick is Colgate.  No rhyme. No reason.  I just thought I would add another way to be RIGHT or wrong.

So much for my Cinderella Team.  I hope yours does better.


NCAA Tournament national championship

Monday, April 5

Game Time (ET) TV
Game 67 9 p.m. Gonzaga Vs Baylor CBS, fuboTV

 The Mascot of the St. Louis Billikens moves on the court during the first round of the NCAA Tournament Game against the Utah Runnin Utes at the...

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