Kansas comes back in 2nd half to claim the 2022 NCAA National Championship 72-69.  In what is the biggest comeback in the history of the tournament.

At half time it appears to be another blow out.  40-25 N. Carolina

in just one hour we will see the game NCAA MEN’S BASKETBALL GAME OF THE YEAR.   N Carolina Tar Heels will face off against the Jayhawks of Kansas.  I don’t know why. not being from anywhere near Kansas.  The only time I have been in Kansas was many years ago when the plane I was riding in stopped for fuel.  I never left the plane.  Maybe it is the the name JAYHAWKS.  I just feel a strange connection to the Jayhawks.  

I really have no horse in this race.  BUT… You can probably tell by now….I am looking for a win by Kansas.  Kansas or N. Carolina?  I will be happy if it becomes a real game like N. Carolina and Duke.  Not one of those disappointing blow outs.    Best of luck to both teams.

Somethings That Don’t Make Sense.  “GOAL TENDING” .  Used to be that was a call when a players hands, or arms entered the mystical area directly above the Circle of the Rim.  Then they deemed that “OKAY”, if it were the shooters body part.  BUT,  illegal if a Defender entered the same area.  THUS: It is impossible to defend against a “DUNK”.  Seeing as how we now have players who can touch the rim standing flatfooted;  (It should not be allowed, or counted as 1 “one” point.   BUT during the NCAA March Madness game a DEFENDING player was called for “Goal Tending”    Any way you look at it the ball was either going up, or coming down.  The ball was below the RIM.  This should never in anyone’s wildest dream, be considered , “Goal Tending” It was not in the cylindrical area above the rim.  You are allowed to block a shot going UP.  You are allowed to try to rebound a ball coming down,  that is not in that cylindrical area.   May be I am just getting to old.  I loved basketball as it was played in the  ’50’s-60″s.  Before you were allowed to hang onto an opponent.  When you dribble and you put your hand under the ball while dribbling was a violation called, “Palming the Ball”  The 3 second violation was called when you are in the “KEY” area.  ETC, ETC.

   –By O.L. Thymer–


If you are thinking the Basketball looks different this year.  It”s because it is.  Wilson changed the make up of the ball.  They made it stickier, and supposedly easier to shoot.  This resulted in an ORANGER color. Kind of looks like a $5.99 ball you would find at Wal*Mart, doesn’t it?

Have any of you, done like me, and ROOT for a team you didn’t pick?

Next game, Saturday 04/02/2022 at 18:09. Number 2 Villnaova Vs number 1 Kansas.  

Both games will be televised on TBS

Then at 20:49.  Number 8 N. Carolina will face number 2 Duke.


The Cinderella run of St. Peters came to an end, as number 8 N Carolina out played them.  HOWEVER;  St. Peters has nothing to hang their heads about.  Should be proud of becoming the only 15 seed to ever reach the elite 8. A big factor of the N. Carolina win, has got to be Center A.Bacot who scored a rare double, double;  in that he scored 20 pts, and had a remarkable 22 rebounds.

Number 15 UPSETS number 3 Purdue.   St Peters BECOMES 1ST 15 SEED TO REACH ELITE 8 ! 

Overall number 1 Gonzaga  Beaten by number 4 Arkansas

Another number 2 knocked off. as Number 10 Miami defeated Number 2 Auburn

NO! I’m not going to jinx the “Cinderella Team”  (But we may have one).

1st Number 1 seed Baylor ousted by Number 8 N. Carolina.

Number 2 seed Kentucky upended in OT by 15 seed St. Peters

So far we have had 4 games go into OT

We have had 21 Upsets

Have fun.   See if you can beat me……Again.  I used to do good on this but the last few years have been, a little more than…..TERRIBLE.

The year I first did this, (1991), A lady won my pool.  She only missed 5 games.  When I asked her, what was her secret?  She told me she simply picked the team with the BEST LOOKING COACH.


For Round , Location, and Dates scroll to bottom of page


So sorry about being late beginning this.  Have had so many Server and Software problems.  Hope we have it all straight now.

There will be changes made as we go along in regard to the bracket. But this is the basic brackett for you to copy and paste.  NOTE the play in games have been moved to the top of the page this year.











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