Hi !  I am O.L. Thymer, but you can call call me Oly.

Wayne asked me if I would be willing to tell an ongoing story about MY possible return to playing a game  I played for many years.  I must admit I was never very good at.  I am talking GOLF !!!  I was never very good at the game, (14 handicap), but did  enjoy it, or addicted to it .

I would play at least 9 holes a day, (weather permitting, I didn’t like playing in the rain, cold or snow, I “know it never rains on a golf course”) .  If I wasn’t playing in a tournament somewhere, I would play at least 36 holes weekends and holidays, again when possible.

I only remember being on a winning team 3 times in my life.  The first time there was a SCRAMBLE, at our local Municipal Course.  I remember going there early and I played 3 holes.  Played TERRIBLE.  in fact so bad I stopped after the 3rd hole.  Headed back to the clubhouse, and was ready to head to the car. The Golf Pro wanted to know where I was going.  I told him, “HOME” !  He proceeded to tell me their was one team playing in a Scramble that was short a player, and would I play with them.  I said I would if they couldn’t find anyone else. It was near tee time.  He quickly took me to the team and introduced me, (I already knew most of them).  I told them I was playing badly today.  They agreed that was alright, I would complete their Foursome, thereby keeping them in the proper cadence with the rest of the  field.  They were really nice about how bad I played.  To make a long story short they only used my shot one time that day.  Somehow on the 18th green, I managed to sink a 36  foot putt.  Which allowed us the win by 1 shot.  I won a New H&B Driver, 3wood, and a new pair of Golf shoes.  The driver and wood was really wood.  This was before the metal “woods”.  A long time before.

The other 2 times were charity events. (This was about 20 years after I quit playing.  The reason I quit was a NEW job, that didn’t leave me time to play).  The only reason we won then was because I was paired with 2 Great players and 1 other duffer, (believe it or not he was worse than me), But only because he didn’t play at all except this charity tournament.  We won both years. No prizes were awarded. 

But the next year they split us up.  I was paired with the same duffer, a lady who played once a month with her husband, and her mother  who had played once in her life.  As it worked out I was most proud of this team than any team I had played on.  It was a total team effort.  No we didn’t win.  It was less than a week after having a bout of Bronchitis. The duffer was about a week after coming off restrictions, from back surgery.  But like I said I was most proud of this team.  Somehow we finished the scramble at even par.  Pretty much last place.  But considering our make  up, I think even par was OUTSTANDING, more than any  of us expected to finish. I had played that course only one time, the others had never played there.

I never had a Hole-in-One……But 2 days in a row, on my home course, a par 3 over water. The first day I was about 6 inches long. The next day, (same hole), I was about 6 inches short.  Therefore if you average that out,  That makes a Hole-in-One, (doesn’t it) ?  No I guess not.

Now other than those last 3 scrambles, I haven’t averaged but about 9 holes every 3 years.   My plan when I retired was to play every day.  But, when you retire, and still have house payments, truck payments.  (Let me say this.  IT WAS NOT MY CHOICE TO RETIRE !  I had planned on working until I was 70.  My retirement came quickly, as the company I was working for CLOSED.  Being not yet 62 I tried to get work.  Anything.  But in my field I was told with 30 years experience,  numerous certifications,   and letters of recommendations from my employer and the companies I had contact with.  I was told “You do not meet the minimum requirements for employment with our company”  Which translates to you are too OLD.  So my FUN goal of playing GOLF every day went by the wayside.  Unemployment barely met my house, truck, and insurance needs.  If not for my significant other (YES my lady),  I would be out on the street,  My 401K was eaten up by repairs to our home,  Which was over 100 years old when we bought it from an estate sale of a woman who lived here all her life.  She was 110  years old when she died.

NOW: WHY DID WAYNE ASK ME TO WRITE THIS.  When I stopped playing every day my Club membership was only $250.  Now it is over $1100.  With my house now paid off,  I discovered our local Municipal Course has a Senior discount which brings the cost down to $665 for a year; plus cart fees.  I can take one house payment and pay for a year of golfing, SO. I think I will try it again.  35 years after stopping, (except as mentioned above0). I don’t know  how much I will play.  I do have a touch of arthritis in my left hip, and some other inconveniences from my cancer treatments, which i am now 6 or 7 years free of.

If you like I will continue to update you on my new  adventure.  Heck even if you don’t I will update you.  After all I did promise Wayne I would do this.

Thanks for reading.  I realize it is a little longer than should be necessary.  I am sure future installment will be smaller.  UNLESS I turn Pro.

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